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Meant To Be – Episode 18



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Mama’s friend was shocked at the sight that met her, she stood up staring at Richard, he reminds her of someone dear to her,… She glanced at him and nearly lost her balance,… Mama was shocked at her friend’s display,….. Richard and Desmond greeted them and took a seat,… Mama noticed her friend was still staring at Richard, she wondered what was happening,….

Mama took her friend outside,.. She searched around to be sure that no one was around ,…..

“Mama Johnson,….. Why were you looking at Richard as if you saw your lost son,…. ”

” my sister,… That young man looks like my son Johnson, he’s a miniature of my son!!,….. I was lost my dear,.i never knew two people can look alike this much … ”

” You surprise me sometimes,… How can you say this boy looks like your lost son,…. A son you’ve nt seen for many years,.. If he’s your grandson, then why cant he remember you,…. ”

” He was just a baby when they relocated,… I made efforts to search for them but at a point i forgot everything about them and moved on,…. I cant explain what happened to me then,…. I wish i can see my son and my two grand children before i die,…. Vanessa my babygirl must be a mother by now,….. That evil woman destroyed a home i suffered to build,….. “she said amidst tears

” You’ve started again,….your children will come back to you,…. ”

” i couldn’t fulfill the promise i made to my grand daughter,… I couldn’t take care of her and her little brother,… Just look at me,… Loneliness is killing me,… “she lamented

” You’re lucky your family is still alive,…. What about me?, my only noson and his family died in a plane crash, leaving me alone in this world,….. So i should kill myself,…. You’re getting emotional because of that young man you saw,…… It’s ok,…. Let’s go inside and know who he is to Angela ,….. “
they hugged each other and wiped away the tears in their eyes,…..

Angela walked into the room to see Richard and Desmond,…. Richard rushed at her and hugged her so tight,….. He kissed her all over the face not minding there were people around,….. Angela didnt hug him back, she stood watching him wondering who he was,….

“Angel i’m happy you’re back,… I missed you so much,…. I promise never to allow any harm come to you,…. I’ll protect you from my enemies,…. I’m sorry you passed through this because of me,….. I’m sorry my love,…. “
he bent over and kissed her on the lips,…. Angela was forced to push him away,…

” Stop it!!!!!, who are you?!!!!, why are you kissing me?,,,,, who’s your Love and Angel?!!!! “
she screamed at him
Richard stood still in awe,…. He smiled and came close to her,…

” Baby, i know you’re angry with me,…. I’m sorry,…. I’ll make it up to you,…. “
he said coming closer to her

Desmond was feeling sorry for his friend,….. Everyone felt sorry for him,….. The old women was made to know he is Richard, Angela’s boyfriend,……

” Dont come close to me,…. “
she warned him

” Baby, it’s me Richard,….. ”

” I dont know who you are,. Pls stay away from me”

Richard couldn’t believe what he heard,…..he took a closer look at her stomach and noticed a baby bump,….

“So you’re pregnant?,…. No wonder your sudden change in Character,… You pretend you dont know me,…. I searched for you for months, i waited for you,…. I longed to have you back in my arms,….. You disappeared suddenly and returned with a pregnant pretending not to remember me,……. Ok…… I’ve had enough,….. I cant take this anymore,…… Desmond pls take me out of here,! ….. ”

Angela’s mother stood up and went to Richard,…

” My son pls calm down, i’ll explain everything to you,… “
she begged him

” There’s nothing to explain ma, i understand everything,….Tope was right,…. ”

” My son pls calm down,… ”

” Mama, why are you begging him?,…. You allowed a stranger to walk in here and kiss me and you did nothing about it,…… “Angela queried her mother

” Shut up Angela,….. Do you think i’ll allow just any man to walk in here and kiss you,….. He’s Richard your boyfriend,….. Your lover,… You were over heel in love with him,……. You were on your way to visit him,… When you were kidnapped,… You told me you had something important to discuss with him the day you left,….. Try and remember him ooooooo,….. “
her mother shouted at her,….

Angela’s head was spinning,.. The name Richard started ringing in her ears,… She saw imagery of them being together,…. She screamed aloud and was about falling when Richard rushed to her,…..he carried her into his arms, ……

“Get her medicine fast,…..”mama shouted
Angela’s mother was confused,,,, she rushed to the room and brought the medicine,….

Richard la!d her on her bed and sat close to her holding her hand,……

The drugs were administered to her,… Richard stayed by her side to watch over her,……

 Mrs Johnson opened her eyes and glanced at the entire room,… She saw her cook sitting on a couch beside her bed, the settings of the room made her realize she was in the hospital …. She tapped the young lady who had already dozed off,.. She looked up and saw her madam,…..

. “Aaahhh, madam, thank God you’re awake,… I thought you’re dead,…”
 the cook said excitedly

Mrs Johnson eyed her

“how long have i been here”
she asked her with a straight face

“Since morning ma,.. I came to your room to call you for breakfast,…. I met your door open,… You were nowhere to be found but the tap in your bathroom was running,… I went to check on the tap only to see you lying unconscious on the floor,….. ‘”

The doctor came in almost immediately ,….

“Madam, you’re awake,.how’ re you doing?,”….
 He checked her pulse and blood pressure before continuing …

“I’m sorry, you had another cardiac arrest,…. This is risky for you,… Another arrest will be disastrous,….. You need to stay here with us for at least one week, to watch over you,…. ”

” What?,… I cant stay here any longer,… I need to be in my office,… Doctor pls help me,…..i’m healthy and fit,… “she begged the doctor

” I’m sorry ma,… I dont have any other choice,.madam your health should be your first priority not money,… .. ”

After much argument, she accepted to follow the doctor ‘s advise

She asked for her phone,the cook brought it out from her handbag and handed it to her,… The screen of the phone was cracked,.. But she cared less about it,…. She called her secretary and informed her of her present condition,she begged her secretary to take care of the company till she’s discharged from the hospital,…….

She wasn’t surprised at the turn of events in her life,…. She knows the source of everything,….

Vanessa called Richard to inform him of her son’s predicament,… But his phone was still switched off,…. She decided to track him on Skype at least to make up for her mistake,…. Her son was doing well in the hospital,….. But He is yet to be discharged,…..


Angela opened her eyes only to see the same strange man holding her hands, he was almost dozing off when she screamed,….

“Who are you and what are you doing here!? “
she shouted at Richard releasing her hand from his grip,…..

” Angel, it’s me,… Pls stop pretending not to know me,…. “Richard begged her

” Leave my room,… Get out!!!!!, you want to rape me just the way they did ”

Richard was shocked,….

” you were raped?,,,…. By who?…. I swear i’ll kill the idiot that touched yoh!!! ”

” Get out!!!!!, and stop pretending as if you care,… You all are the same,…… ”

Their loud voices made the women rush into the room,….. Eric and his siblings had returned from school, their had mother told them what happened to their sister,… Eric felt bad,. He felt pity for Richard,…

” Angela can you calm down and listen to us”
her mother spoke first

“No, dont do this again,… This is not good for her,.. Dont force her to remember him,…. “
mama told Angela’s mother

Richard was confused with all they were saying
” Angel, look into my eyes and tell me that you dont love me,…. Tell me that you dont ever want to see me again,… “he said with tears in his eyes

” I never loved you,…. I dont even know who you are, so pls get lost!!!!!! “she barked at him

Richard left the room in annoyance, he called Desmond to take him out of there,…. Desmond tried explaining to him but he shunned him,……

” Dont you dare speak to me,. You knew all along that Angela is pregnant and doesn’t want anything to do with me again, but you didn’t tell me,…. ”

” If i had told you, you wouldn’t have believed me,….. I wanted you to see things for yourself,… ”

” take me out of here,.. I’ve had enough!!!, ”

The women ran after him but he ignored them,…. Mama Johnson then shouted his name

” Richard my son,…… Pls come back”…….

He stopped immediately,…. He turned to see the old women staring at him,….

“my son pls listen to what she has to tell you,. . “
mama told Richard pointing at Angela’s mother
Angela’s mother walked to the car, she was sorry for accusing him wrongly,….

” my son, pls forgive me, i judged you wrongly,… Pls dont abandon my daughter now that she needs you most,…. Pls my son,… Have mercy on a poor widow,…. “
she said crying
Richard hugged her and told her he forgave her before she apologized

” Mama, what is going on?, she remembers everyone except me,…. What did i do wrong?,…. I’ve always loved her even till this moment,…. ”

She narrated Angela’s predicament to him,…. He felt sorry for his girlfriend,…..

” So what about the baby,….. Who impregnated her,…? “
he asked with a stern look

” from our calculations,…. She was pregnant before her disappearance,……. ”

” Does that mean that she’s carrying my baby? “he asked

” my son only Angela can answer that question,……”

“I think i know what to do,…. Pls take care of her,….” he said dipping his hand into his pocket,… He gave Angela’s mother some money for their upkeep and left……..

The two old women cancelled their trip back to Lagos……they wanted to help mend Angela’s life before going back to Lagos,.. They promised to spend sometime with Angela and her family, ……..

Richard got home tired,… He was tired to drive to the office,.. He needed to talk to his sister, he had forgiven her for what she did,….. He called her with the other line,… She picked at the second ring,

She told her brother about her son who is hospitalized,he consoled his sister,….. He assured her that her son will be perfect,….

She was so happy talking to her brother
…. He narrated all he has been through for the past months to her,….she was surprised he never told her about it,…..

“I’m so sorry for what happened to Angela,…..i think you need to visit a therapist to help you with Angela’s condition,… ”

” that’s a good suggestion,.. I’ll do that tomorrow,… ”

” your step mum called me,..?,.. ”

” Who”

“your step mother,…. I was shocked when i heard her voice,i dont even know how she got my number,…. ”

” So why did she call?, ”

” she apologized for all the wrongs she did,… She promised to visit Ghana to take care of daddy,… I was happy she finally accepted her mistakes ,….. ”

” What?, so you of all people fell for her trick,.. You dont seem to know this woman, she’s desperate,….. “Richard warned her

” I wanted to giver her my house address, before my son fell into the pool,…. ”

” you’re lucky you didn’t do that,….
Why are you so gullible,…. You would’ve ruined everything we suffered to plan,..dont ever speak to that witch,…… ”

” i’m sorry for my stypidity,…. “she apologized

His cook came knocking,… He informed him that Desmond was waiting for him in the sitting room,.. He ended his sister’s call and went to meet his friend,……..


Desmond apologized once again, and Richard forgave him,…. He told him of his plans to meet a therapist concerning Angela’s mental condition ,…

“I’ll follow you to his place tomorrow,…. He’s the one to help us out,….”

he paused and cleared his throat,….

“I think your step mother is up to something,… ”

Richard glanced at his friend at the sudden diversion of their discussion,….

” Guy, you look disturbed, is there anything bothering you? ”

” Yes,.. Ever since i caught your step mother with your missing phone,.. I cant stop wondering what she’s planning,….. ”

” how?,…… When?, “…….he asked with a surprise look on his face

Desmond narrated his encounter with Mrs Johnson to his friend,……

” No wonder she called Vanessa,… She took her number from my phone, . Is she this desperate? “he asked rhetorically

” This woman is really mean,…. That means someone traced us to the club,…… “Desmond said remembering all that happened that night,….

” I’ll confront her about this,… ”

” dont you think that would be risky? “” Desmond asked

“I know how to handle her,”
 Richard assured him

They talked about other things and Desmond’s wedding,……


Richard and his friend woke up very early to meet the therapist before going to their offices,.. . Richard has missed work for some days,…

The therapist after listening to Richard’s explanations,….. He smiled

“Your case is not a difficult one,….. All you need to do is to find a way to take her to the hospital for scanning,… You’ll be able to know how far the pregnancy has gone,…. If you’re sure of the paternity of the child, then you have to start from the beginning “
the therapist told Richard

” what do you mean by starting from the beginning? Richard asked

“you have to pretend you don’t know her too,….. Take your time to woo her,. Make her fall in love with you again ,… Show her care,… Give her all the attention she needs,. You’ll see her falling inlove with you again,….. Then as time goes on there’s a possibility that she’ll begin to remember you gradually,… Though it might be a bit difficult trying to woo her,…. “
the therapist advised…

Richard was happy to hear that,….. He was determined to bring back the love of his life at all cost,……..


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