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Meant To Be – Episode 19



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“Seriously you have a great job to do,… She doesn’t even allow you come close to her not to talk of talking to her,… How do you plan to do this,…..” Desmond asked Richard

“I know it will be difficult but i need my woman back,.. I must take the first step by finding a way to take her to the hospital,…. ”

  • ” And how do you plan doing that,. ”

” i’ve been thinking deeply,…. I’ve told her mother what the therapist suggested,…. She gave me her full support,…. I need to get close to those old women,…. They seem to be the only people she listens to,……. Remember they would leave any moment from now,…… I’m surprised they abandoned their families in Lagos just to be with Angela,…. “Richard said

” It baffles me too,… But they seemed good natured,….. I love the way they look after Angela as if she’s their granddaughter,…. ”

” Yeah,…. I never met my grandmother,…. She died some months after i was born,…. My sister told me how sweet loving she was,….. She wasnt allowed to take any of her pictures when we were relocating, so i never got to see what she looked like,…. ”

” So sad,…. I pray your plan works out,…. ”

“let me quickly rush over these files so we would get going,…” he told Desmond remembering they’re to visit his step mum,….


The security guard was happy to see Richard,after exchange of pleasantries,…..

They stormed into the house to meet everywhere quiet,…. He walked around the house but he didn’t see anyone,….. He was about going to ask the security guard where everyone was when the backdoor opened,….. The cook entered carrying some foodstuffs,…..

“Aaah, oga Richard you’re welcome sir,….. Thank God say you come,…. Na madam call you make you come? “
she asked excitedly

” madam?,….. Call me?,.. ”

” Ahhhh, you never hear wetin happen to madam?,… “she asked bringing out all the things she bought from the market,…

” What happened to her?, …. “
he asked curiously

” Na God save am o,… She fall for bathroom come hit her head for tile,…. She dey hospital as I dey talk to you,…. “
she explained to Richard

” Eiyaaa, when will she be discharged?,… ”

” I never know ooo, the accident no be small matter oooo,…. ”

He excused himself, he told the cook that he came to pick something he forgot from the house,…. Richard ran upstairs and prayed he would meet his step mum ‘s room open,… She’s not used to locking her room,…. She keeps all her important documents save in a locker in her office,…. He slowly opened the door,… Lol and behold, the door was unlocked,…. He started searching for his phone,….. He searched the entire room but couldn’t find it,… He lost hope,…. He was about leaving when he sighted his phone on the dressing table,….

“why would she drop the phone carelessly on the table,… Anyway, she never knew i would ever enter her room,…. “
he thought to himself

He switched on the phone and smiled,… It was not lock,…. He thought about going away with the phone but changed his mind,…… He deleted all his saved items and removed his sim card,….. He kept the phone back on the table and walked away,…..

Few Minutes after Richard and his friend left,… The cook later remembered her madam warned her not to allow anyone into the house in her absence,…… She sighed

“But oga Richard no be anybody na,… Na her pikin,…. “
she muttered to herself

The cleaner who just entered the kitchen heard her talk to herself

” why you dey sigh? “
he asked her

” My dear, see me see wahala, Oga Richard come here,…. ”

” You allow him inside?,…. ”

” Yes na, i for chase am,?,… No be madam pikin he be? ”

” you be big fool,. Madam go kill you,…. You better pray make madam no find out he come here,…. And make you just shut your mouth,.. Dont tell her oga Richard came, unless you wan go jail,….. ”

” Aaah,i no go talk,…. Abeg no tell her,….. “she begged the cleaner

They continued with their chores,… She quickly prepared her madam’s dinner and took it to the hospital,…..


******* Mrs Johnson is back home,… She was ready to resume,…. She la!d down on her king sized bed thinking of her life,….. She remembered she needed to call Vanessa to hasten her plans,…. She stood up from the bed and went to collect the number from Richard’s phone,….. To her bewilderment,she switched on the phone only to meet an empty call log,…. She checked the contacts and it was blank,….

She blinked twice, her eyes was red with anger, …..
“who dare tamper with my phone,…!!!!!! “
she screamed

She called the cleaner and the cook to her room,…. They stood before her staring at the tiled floor,…..

” who amongst you imbeciles touched this phone,… “
she asked them angrily

” Madam, na kitchen i dey work, i no dey enter your room except to call you to chop,…. As you dey hospital since,… I never come here to call you,… Abi na bed i go call make e come chop”
the cook spoke first

“shut your mouth,…!!!!! “
she thundered at her She then turned to the cleaner,

” I think she’s right,…. Mr man, did you touch this phone,… ”

” Yes madam,… ”

” So you have the guts to delete all the saved items in my phone and you stand here talking to me,…. ”

” Madam, i dey touch everything wey dey this room,…. ”

Mrs Johnson gave him a stern look and pointed her fingers at him

” You???, touch everything in my room?,…. ”

” Yes na madam,… Wetin be my job again?,…. I be cleaner, so i clean everywhere and everything,.. Na so you tell me dey do,…..,…. I comot your phone clean the table,…. And i keep am back,….. If say i delete anything, maybe na mistake,…. Why i go clean eyes come delete wetin dey your phone?,….. Madam you no trust me again,…? ”

Mrs Johnson stood thinking of who might be responsible for doing that,…..

” Did anyone come to this house when i was in the hospital? ”

They looked at each other

” No ma,… Nobody come here”
they chorused

“you can leave and continue with your work,… ”

They went down and continued with their chores,…

” Who must have done this?,…. How will i contact Vanessa now,…… Ohhhh,. Let me check my call log,….. “
she thought to herself
She checked her call log and found Vanesaa’s number,… She smiled at herself,…

She called Vanessa but she didn’t pick,… She assumed she was busy and would call her back,…..


Angela just fnished speaking to mama Johnson on the phone,… Mama had travelled abroad for her medical check ups, … Mama Johnson called to check on her,…. She was relieved after talking to mama Johnson on phone,….

Her mother walked in and sat close to her,…..

“How’re you feeling today,”her
 mother asked her

“I’m still feeling feverish,…. I dont have appetite at all and i feel pains below my abdomen”
she complained

“My daughter, i dont have money to take you to the hospital,… I dont know what else to do,…. Before i forget,…. Richard called me, i told him of your illness and he promised to take you to the hospital,…. “she lied about her being broke

” Mama why did you tell him about my health? .. He cant take responsibility of another man’s child,… I’m not going anywhere oooo”

“I know we lied to you about him being your lover,…. He just cares about you,… He’s a God sent to us,. . I’m not begging you to date you,… But just allow him to take care of you and your unborn baby,… Remember i dont have anything doing now,… Since he cares so much about you and the baby,…. Allow him to do that,….. ”

Angela thought about what her mother told her and decided to follow her advise,……..

” So get ready, i’ll call him to come and pick you,…. Beatrice is back from her trip,…. She’s on her way too to visit you,… I told her of your sickness,…. ”

” let me quickly shower and get ready before they arrive,… “she said picking her towel


Richard watched his girlfriend enter the car,…. She was looking so beautiful in her pregnancy,… He secretly admired her,… Aunty Beatrice was happy to see them together,…. They had already told her of their plan,…..

He wished he could just kiss her,… He smiled at her and she did the same,……

“can we leave now”
she asked him politely

“Yeah, sure, just feel free around me, i promise i won’t hurt you,… “he said smiling

She only nodded her head,…

They drove off, Aunty Beatrice smiled at her friend,..

” I pray she regains her memory quickly”
aunty Beatrice prayed smiling

“Amen oooo,. “shouted her mother
 Richard drove Angela to a good private hospital in Asaba owned by a family friend,…… He watched her come down from the car and walked into the hospital,… He wished he could hold her,….if wishes were horses…….they walked in and settled down outside the doctor’s office awaiting their turn
When it was their turn to see the doctor, they went in together,….. The doctor was surprised to see Richard walk in with a pregnant lady,…
After exchange of pleasantries, they sat down,
“Emmm, Richard i’m sorry about what happened to your mother’s hotel,… . “
the doctor said

He was surprised at what the doctor just said,..

” You mean, my mother’s hotel? ”
.” Yes, the murder and the sealing ”

” Ooooh that?,.. It’s nothing sha,… She’s working on it,.. “he pretended knowing what happened

” Pls call in the lady’s husband,.. I want him to be here while i talk to her,.. “
he said pointing at Angela

” Errrrrr,…. I’m the husband ”
 Richard lied

The doctor gave him a surprising look

” Richie, so you got married without inviting me,… Am i no longer a family friend? ”

” It was just a low key traditional marriage,…. I’ll invite everyone to my white wedding, “he lied

” No problem,….. She’ll register for ante natal care,….. Give this note to the nurse outside, she’ll take you to the scanning room, where your wife would be scanned,…. I’ll prescribe some drugs for her,…. The fever and the abdominal pains will stop,…… “the doctor said handing the note to him

” thank you so much doctor,… “
he took Angela outside to meet the nurse,…..

, **********
 They spent hours at the hospital,…… finally they were done,.. The scan result came out too,… It was revealed that she was pregnant before she was kidnapped,….. Richard remembered the last time she called him telling him there was something important he needed to know,……

“Was it about the pregnancy?,….., maybe she wanted to tell me about her pregnancy,…. I’ve been sleeping with her without protection,….that means that the baby is mine,…. Angela can never cheat on me,… She was inlove with me,…… “he thought to himself as he drove out of the hospital

” What are you thinking about? “
Angela brought him back to reality

” Just reminiscing the good times i’ve spent with someone dear to my heart, “
he told her smiling

” You must surely love her so much,…. “she asked him

” Sure,…. I love her so much, she means the world to me,…i cant imagine a moment without her”
he responded still smiling

“So where’s she?,…. Hope she wont be jealous seeing the way you take care of me”she asked innocently

“Noooo,… She understands and trusts me,….. Infact as i’m talking to you, she’s smiling at me,…. ”

” Hahahahahahhaa, you’re funny mr Richard,… So when will i meet her? ”

” soon, very soon,… She’s seems close to me but very far from my reach,…. “he said
” I’m so grateful for what you did for me today,……. “she said changing the topic

” what did i do,’miss’? ”

” You saved me from the embarrassment i would have faced by revealing i dont know the father of my unborn child,…. I was ashamed of myself but you saved me, I’m really grateful,…. “she said thankfully

” It’s nothing,… I’m ready to stand by you,…. Just see me as a friend,… ”

” Thank you so much,….. ”

” I know you’re famished right now,… There’s somewhere in town you would love to eat,… Their food is very tasty,…. Remember the doctor advised you need to eat very well for the sake of our baby,… Oooh,…. sorry i meant your baby,….. ”

They both laughed,….. He drove her to her favourite restaurant, their hideout, she loved their food so much that he takes her there almost everyday,..he hoped the memories they shared there will resurface..


Mrs Johnson walked into the commisioners office fuming with anger,…..

“Mr commissioner,.. How can you nullify my contract,….. This is unfair…. “she screamed

” Mrs Johnson i’m sorry,… You were no where to be found,and the governor needed the contract to be executed quickly, we had no other choice but to give it to another serious company,… ”

” You must be joking,… Didn’t my secretary inform you of my ill health?,…. Dont you have human sympathy? ”

” The exact reason we gave the contract to someone else ”

” Do you know how much i’ve spent so far on this project?,…. I even borrowed from the bank,… How can you do this to me,…. Do you want to ruin me?,….. ”

” Pls madam,…. You can go to the governor and tell him all that, i only carried out an instruction,….. ”

She stormed out of the office and left for the governor’s lodge,……..


Richard and Angela walked into the restaurant smiling at each other,… They settled down in a quiet corner and called the waiter for their order,……

“Aaaahhhhh, oga Richard, longest time,….. You both are married and you didn’t invite us,…. Na wa oooo”the waiter said

“We?,….. Married? “Angela asked surprisingly

” Waiter come this way,….. “
he called on the waiter

” He whispered something into the Waiter’s ear,…
 The waiter smiled and left,….

“he didn’t take my orders again,.. “
Angela asked Richard

” He’ll bring them right away,….,”

She glared at the restaurant again and again,…..

“This place looks familiar, it seems like i’ve been here before, not just once,….. “
she said

The waiter arrived with their order,…. He placed them on the table,… And left…

” Oh my God!!!, my favourite,.. How did you know my favorite?,…. I love this,…. “
she said getting up from her seat,… She moved to Richard and hugged him,..

” Thank you so much,…. You’re indeed a friend,…. I cant stop thanking you,…. “
she whispered into his ear
Richard felt an electric shock inside him,…

He wished the hug would just continue,….

She went back to her seat and wiped the tears from her eyes,…..

” Pls stop this,… I dont ever want to see you cry,… Remember you’re pregnant,… ”

They both smiled at each other
She tried to eat the fresh fish pepper soup and rice she was served,… But she couldn’t,.. She ate small,…. Richard forced her to eat more,….

” So tell me,… Why do you care so much about me,…. Have we met before? ,… And if we’ve met before, why cant i remember you?, “she asked

Richard wasnt expecting that question from her,. He needs to add intelligence in answering her question,….

” I met you when you were in Asaba with your family, but i never had the courage to approach you,…. I was your secret admirer,…. I approached your mother and told her about the feelings i had for you,… She advised me to give you time,….. She told me later about your father’s death,… When i planned on approaching you, you disappeared,…. I always checked on you to know if you were back,… She called me an told me you had returned,….. That was why i came to your house,….. You see i’m just a harmless friend,… You being pregnant wont stop me from being your friend,…..”
he explained to her

“And you don’t feel disappointed seeing me pregnant with another man’s baby? ”

” not at all,…i’ll support you to the end,… Even if the father of your baby emerges, i’ll still stand by you,i’m now a family friend to everyone in your family not just you… ”

” “Thank you so much,……may God bless you,…. ”

” it’s ok,….. Drink a little juice,… It’s getting late,…. I need to get some things for you and the baby,…. ”

She was about taking the last sip when she saw a familiar figure walking towards them,…. Richard looked up at her and saw her attention was somewhere else, he followed her gaze and saw the least person he expected to see,… Not just today, a day he planned to spend with his love,……….


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