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Meant To Be – Episode 22



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Richard and Angel had become very close,… He visits and takes good care of her,…he has succeeded in making her fall for him……. She has started developing feelings for him gradually,…… Richard decided to take a quick step because she has just fews months left to put to bed,….Richard had taken her to the hospital for her antenatal check up,….. He later drove her to their favourite restaurant to have lunch,….. They were enjoying their food when Richard decided to take the bold step,…..

“Angela,….. “
He muttered her name
She looked up and looked straight into his eyes,. ..

” Why are you sweating profusely under the AC? “
she asked Richard who was fidgeting,…. He placed his hand on hers,…..

“Angela,… I’ve wanted to tell you my feelings for you but i’m scared you might misunderstand my intentions,…. I love you unconditionally and i’m ready to stand as your child’s father,….. I want to take care of you and the baby,….pls i want to marry you and be the father of your baby,…….. I love you so much Angel,… “
He professed with drops of tears from his eyes,…

Angela remained mute,…. She looked down facing the floor,… She was shedding tears,….

” Angel, i wont force you into marrying me,… Think about my proposal, i’ll gladly wait for your answer,….. “
he said wiping his face with his hanky,…

” I’m tired, pls can you take me home,…. I need to rest,….. “
she managed to say

” Sure,…. I’ll drive you home right away,…. I hope you’re not angry with me,.. “
he asked with a scary look,….

” pls take me home,… “she said quietly

The drive back to her village was a quiet one,… Richard dropped her at the gate and left almost immediately,…. He received an urgent call from home,….

Richard got home to see a strange car parked in his compound,…. He didnt bother asking the security guard who parked the car,… He rushed inside the sitting room to meet his family,….. His dad, sister, inlaw, and the twins all watching television,….

“Vanessaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “
he screamed aloud and rushed to his sister,….. They hugged each other tightly

” Sweet bro,…. You’re looking handsome dude,……. “
Vanessa teased him
He hugged his dad and inlaw in turns and carried the twins in his arms,……. He couldn’t stop smiling,…… He was so happy to see his family together again,…. His daddy was back to his feet,….he has fully recovered,….. They settled down with glasses of juice,… They chatted alot,…. Vanessa has been feeding his ears with good news,…. She couldn’t stop talking,…..

” Your security guard and servant stressed us today,.. First your security guard refused to allow us into the house,….. I never knew Ahmed was no longer working here,.. I told him this house belongs to daddy but he said he has never seen daddy before,… .. We stayed out for hours before i called Desmond,.. He wanted to call you but i refused because we wanted to surprise you,…. “
she narrated to her brother excitedly

” Then what did my servant do?…. “
he asked smiling

” That one?,…. He refused me entrance into the kitchen,.. He only managed to serve us juice and biscuits,….i later heard him talking to you on phone,…. ”

” You cant blame them they’re only doing their job,…”

They chatted for long before Richard took them to their separate rooms and made them feel at home,…. Vanessa prepared delicious meal for them and they ate happily,…. Richard prayed inwardly for Angela to accept his proposal to make his family complete,.. He couldn’t stop playing with the twins,…..


Mrs Johnson has been in Ghana for more than one week, …. She and her friend have been searching for Vanessa and her family,…. She abandoned her collapsing business and travelled to Ghana in search of her husband,….. She was asked to exercise patience since it’s not easy finding Vanessa,….

She was determined to find her husband,…she was ready to wait, going back to Nigeria without her husband means going back to her death,…… ..


Angela have refused to talk to anyone since she returned from Asaba,.. Her mother have been wondering what might be bothering her daughter,… She entered the room and noticed her legs were a bit swollen,…… She saw that as a good opportunity to talk to her daughter
“Angela, your legs are swollen,…you’ve been lying here since afteroon,…… Let me massage them,… “
she said sitting down on the bed and placing the legs on her laps,…….

Angela checked her leg and sat up to have them massaged,….

” Mummy,…. “
she called her mother quietly

” Richard proposed to me today,… “
she said quietly

Her mother was excited,…. She dropped the legs on the bed on hearing the news,….

” So when is he coming with his people? “
her mother asked

” why are you in such a hurry,.. I didn’t give him an answer,… Mama i was shocked,…… I couldn’t believe someone will think of marrying me in my condition,……. I need to think about this,… I feel he’s trying to take advantage of me,…. ”

Her mother gave her a stern look,..

” I hope you’ve not been listening to that your useless friend,….. “
her mother threw at her,..

” Haba mummy, how can you call my friend useless,…. “..”I pity you,…. Just pray that young man doesnt change his mind about you,…. You should be thankful that he proposed to you,….This one is a beggar with choice,… This is not the time to think of taking advantage,… This is the time you need to think of your child,…. Even if he doesn’t know his father now,… . A time will come when he’ll ask for his father,… This man is ready to give your baby a name,….. He’ll put our enemies to shame,….. ”

Her mother advised her
Her phone rang,…… Richard was calling her,…. She refused picking his calls,….

” Angela pick your call na,… “
her mother told her looking at the phone to see the caller

” I don’t have strength to talk now,.. ”

The phone rang again,….

” Oooooh,… Richard is the one calling ooo,… Dont you want to pick his calls?”,…

“I’m not yet ready to talk to him,.. ”
Her mother stood up and sighed heavily glaring at her and stormed out of the room angrily…. ….


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