Meant To Be – Episode 24

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Meant To Be – Episode 24

She opened her eyes looking scared,…..

“Richard,.. Pls i want to talk to him,….. Can someone call him for me, “
she said fidgeting

Her voice woke Vanessa who was sleeping beside her on the bed,……

She turned and was surprised to see Vanessa sitting on the chair with her head on the bed sleeping

” Thank God you’re here, aunty Vanessa,… Pls call Richard, i want to see him,…. “she said stretching out her hand for a hug

” calm down dear, Richard will soon be here, he went to see the doctor,….. “
she said hugging her
The door opened, Richard and the doctor walked in

” Oh thank God you’re here,.. “
she heaved a sign of relief

” Richie,….. They want to kidnap me,…… They hit the driver,….. “
she stuttered
He hugged her tightly,….

” Angel, i’m here now, nothing will happen to you,…… ”

” Baby they want to harm our baby,……. I saw them in my dreams,… ”

Her condition was getting worse,…. Richard held her tight,…

” Doctor please what’s going,…?,….. Pls help her”

“It’s normal,… She’s regaining her memory,…. I’ll give her sedative to calm her down, she’ll wake up feeling better “the doctor assured him

” Baby, pls dont leave me alone, stay with me,… They might be back to take me,….. ”

She slept off few seconds later in Richard ‘s arms,….. He refused releasing her from his grip,……. When she was deeply asleep, he quietly la!d her on the bed,….

He went out and called her mother telling her about the good news,.. He assured her that everything will be ok,…. And begged for her Permission to allow Angel sleep over in Asaba because of her present state of health ,….. He told her to discuss with her husband ‘s family since he’ ll be coming with his father for theIntroduction,……

Angela ‘s mother was filled with joy,…. She called aunty Beatrice and broke the good news to her,….

 Angela was discharged late at night,… She had fully regained her memory,…. Desmond and Nancy were there to take care of her,….. Richard was the happiest man on earth,….. He was over excited as he watched his Angel hover around him,…. His Angel is back,…… He carried her to the car not minding people were staring at them,….

After helping her with a warm bath,… He served her dinner,… He fed her as she loves being fed by him,……

“baby i can’t believe i forgot you and everyone around you this past months,…. I’ve only seen such in movies,…. I never believed such will happen to me,…… I cant imagine how you felt during those periods,…. ”

” sssssshhhhhhhhhhh”he said putting a finger across her lips

“Dont talk while eating,… ”

When he was done feeding her,…. He called the cook to clear the table,….. He bathed and joined her in bed,….

“I’m sorry for making you pass through alot,…… Actually, i wanted to tell you about the pregnancy before i saw myself in Lagos,…. I know you were shattered when you knew i was pregnant,….. Baby i’m still scared,… I feel they might come back for me”

“Nobody will harm you,.. I’m now here with you,…. ”

” I’m sorry for failing in my duties,… “he apologized to her

” i should’ve prevented this from happening but i was too careless,…… My step mother is the one behind your kidnap,….. She confessed to doing that,…. “
he told her

” I’m happy i’m here with you,…i love you so much Richie,… ”

” i love you too My Angel”they slept in each other’s arms


Richard dropped her off the next day after going for her check up,… The doctor confirmed her perfect,…… He informed her mother of their visit the next day,… He wants to hasten his marriage plans,……


Two days after the introduction ceremony,…. Richard and his family embarked on a journey to his village,…. He managed to remember the route to his village Umuahia in Abia state,…. Though he noticed the place is rapidly developing,….. His father instructed him to drive to his uncle’s house first before going to their house,……

On getting there, his uncle and family rushed out wondering who had parked the jeep,.. Vanessa, her dad and Richard alighted from the jeep,.. Their uncle was shocked, after many, his cousin is back,… They ran to Mr Johnson shouting Johnny, Johnny,…… Their scream attracted other villagers,…. Everywhere was filled to the brim,…. He was known as a philanthropist in the village,… His second wife changed all these,….. They were all happy to see them,…. Richard could barely recognize Any of them,…. H was small when they last visited the village,.. He had wanted to report his stepmother to his kinsmen but a force always stopped him from doing that,…. He believed his step mother had a hand in that,…..

Mr Johnson took his time to narrate all he has been through to his kindred,…. They were all shaking their head in pity,….. Uncle Ogbonna, his father’s cousin was almost shedding tears,…….

“That evil woman destroyed our family,…. Do you know that i wouldn’t have been in this village suffering if not for what that woman did,….. My brother here got me a US visa,….. I went to get my ticket money from him only for her to tear my visa before me, and asked her guard to throw me out,…. The next time i came to Lagos,….. I heard you have relocated,…. And no one seems to know where you relocated to,… I went to see your grandmother few months later only for me to be told that she has relocated to London,…… I came back one year later to check on, but i met new tenants there, they told me she has moved out,…… To make matters worse, she stopped visiting the village,… Just few months ago,….. We saw her when we returned from the farm waiting for us,…. At first i thought it was a ghost,…… She explained to us how she forgot everyone, even her family members, she lived a life of solitude for many years,.. Thank God she didnt hand over all her husband’s properties to Johnny…. She employed workers who helped her out in the Company,……. She brought in a contractor from Lagos who with his workers renovated your grandfather’s house,… She did a wonderful job there, you wont be able to recognize the house again, she has turned the house to a mansion,…… “
Uncle Ogbonna told them
Richard couldn’t get what he was talking about, was he talking about his dead grandmother or what?,…..

” Uncle pls i’m sorry for cutting you short, are you talking about my grandma that died when i was baby or what? “
h asked
His daddy stood up,……

” I’m sorry son, i lied to you about her death, she’s alive,… “his dad apologized

It then dawned on Vanessa that she hadnt told Richard the truth about their grand ma
, she hit her hand on her forehead

” A lot of issues on my head,…. Thank God it’s finally coming to an end”
she calmly muttered to herself
Richard gave her a stern look,.. And she looked at him with guilt in her eyes,….

“Son pls,we’ll talk about this later,….. “
his daddy begged him and he sat down
” Johnny, if you’re ready to go to your house, i have the spare keys here,… “
he said going into his room to get the keys ,……

Richard was really impressed with what his grandmother did to the house,…. But he wished he would see her,… His uncle couldn’t get them her number because his phone was stolen few days ago,… He gave them her new address in Lagos and they promised to go there immediately they leave the village,….. He searched the house for a family photograph but he didnt see any,…. There were no family pictures in the house,.
After making acquaintance with his kindreds, it was agreed they will visit Angela’s people in five days time, Richard called Angela and told her to inform their people of their proposed visit for the traditional marriage rite, he wanted it to be a low key wedding,… He would have a talk of the town wedding after his wife puts to bed,…


Angela and her mother have been busy preparing for the D day,.. Her mother has completed her six months mourning one month ago,….. She can now go out,…

Aunty Beatrice was a handful of help to them,…. She tried calling Tope to inform her of her marriage but her number isn’t connecting
Mama called her from London and she was happy for her, she wished she was there to witness the marriage but she promised to be around for her white wedding,….. Angela dropped the call and went out to check on the firewood that was supplied for cooking only for her to see Mama Johnson coming out of her jeep,….. Though she’s old,she still looks younger than her age,….. Angela not minding her condition ran to her,……

She came into the house with all she bought for the baby,….

“i just spoke to Mama now,… She didn’t tell me about your visit”

“we wanted to surprise you my Angel,…. ”

” you will stay in this house with me, no more hotels,…. I need you around me,….. ”

” As you wish my daughter, ”

Her mother returned to see the old woman,…… She was excited

 Richard and his daddy returned from Lagos disappointed, they were told the old woman travelled,.. They would’ve loved to stay longer but they need to go home and prepare for his marriage ceremony,….

On the D day,…… Angela was dressed in a traditional outfit, she looked more like a princess as she was glistening in her new look,… Richard too couldn’t take his eyes off her,…….. She smiled throughout the event,..
Mr Johnson later arrived with his people,….. As the occasion was about to begin,… Mama Johnson came out of the room where she has been resting to watch the event,… Mr Johnson saw her from afar, he tapped Vanessa who was busy ordering everyone up and down, she followed his gaze and saw her grandmother,. They both ran to her,.. On getting there, Vanessa knelt down in front of her and hugged her,… Mama Johnson was shedding tears of joy,…mr Johnson knelt down too, Richard just looked on,…. His father spoke amidst tears,…..

“She’s your grandmother,….. “
he said calmly

“Mama,i’m sorry for not listening to you,….. I’m sorry for neglecting you,.. I’m sorrrrrry mmamamamamama,………… Mama biko oooo, forgive me,….. I caused all these,… I invited the lizard to my home,. By harvesting an ant infested firewood,…… Nne mmmmm oma,……. Sweet mother,……. “
Mr Johnson cried

His kinsmen joined him in begging her,… She was surprised to see her husband’s people
She looked at Angela who was about soiling Her face with tears,..

“Angel you never told me Richard was from Abia state, the first day i saw him, i knew there was something strange about him,. I saw my lost son in him,….. As for you”
she said turning to Mr Johnson

“I wont say anything until the ceremony is over,….. I dont want to ruin my grandson ‘s day,…. ”

She lifted Vanessa up and hugged her

” My baby, “
she said touching her face
Vanessa couldn’t let her go, she has missed her alot……..


The ceremony ended peacefully, the villagers left early since they had a long way to go,….. They begged their grandmother to follow them to Asaba, after much persuasion, she accepted with the promise that their will confess to them the true cause of their mother’s death.

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