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Meant To Be – Episode 6



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************ Mrs Johnson stood before the mother supreme supreme shivering,…

The mother supereme supreme is their spiritual mother,… She’s the leader of an all powerful women occult,they believe she’s their supreme mother….. Women who seek for power and fame go there to get it,..,,, mrs Johnson was introduced to the cult by her best friend, Mrs Ukoh,….. Ever since she joined the cult her wealth has increased immensely, she exchanged her husband’s brain for power,… She wanted to be in control of all her husband’s empire,…….

“How could you be so careless?, Benny,. Do you want them to ruin you?, “
mother supreme supreme asked her angrily after listening to her story

” I’m sorry mother,….. I swear everything happened when i travelled to the States, “..

” Do you know the consequences of what just happened? ”

” Yes mother, that is why i’m here, pls save me”she knelt down crying

Mother supreme supreme ignored her and continued with her incantations,…….. She pointed her staff at a mirror in the room and was shocked at what was revealed to her

“Benny!!!!!, look up and see what happened that night,…. “
she shouted at mrs johnson
She looked up immediately and saw Desmond and Nancy entering the house, they handed some drinks and cakes to her bodyguards who after eating slept off,… She saw them entered her son’s room, some minutes later, a girl entered, Richie rushed and kissed her deeply..

“I’ve seen this girl somewhere,… But i cant remember exactly where and when,…. “
Benny thought to herself

Then it stopped showing,….. It then showed how Vanessa and Richie tied the bodyguards, how the same girl helped searched their room,…..everything that happened was shown in the mirror and Mrs Johnson couldn’t stop crying,…

“You’re lucky,…. Supreme supreme decided to have mercy on you,…… You have only one year to bring back your husband and he must be brought here for sacrifice,.. Go home and continue the battle with your son,….. Nobody will be above you in that family,…… Before you can get back what your son took from you, you must destroy his source of happiness, …… His source of happiness is a girl,……. An event will take place in their life within two months, i shall get you informed when it happens, then i’ll tell you the next line of action,……. You can rise my daughter “Mother supreme supreme told her
She sprang up happily, and hugged her friend,…

” Thank you mother,…… Thank you so much,…. I’ll fight and get back what is mine”
she promised herself

They left the place happy and fulfilled,….. She drove straight to Desmond’s office to have a chat with him.


Desmond was in his well furnished office attending to some files when his secretary walked in

“Sir, someone important is here to see you “
she informed her boss
” do i have an appointment with the person? ”

” No sir, ”

” Then dismiss the person! “he shouted at her

” I’m sorry sir,i can’t dismiss her,….. You need to see her”

“Who ‘s this person you’re insisting i must see, “the door flung open and mrs Johnson walked in majestically

” It’s me,”
she walked in and sat down

“pls excuse us”he instructed his secretary

He was shocked to see the tigress in his office, he knows this is not a pleasant visit,… But he was ready for her…

“Desmond Okoro,…… Your father is my very good friend,…. I respect him alot because he is a man of wisdom and understanding, he knows how to mind his business,…. He doesn’t poke nose in other people’s matter,… But what baffles me is how he ended up giving birth to a son like you, a son who goes about involving himself in other people’s matter,……. ”

” I beg your pardon?,”

“Oh pls dont interrupt me,…..fool”

“With all due respect madam, i wont have you insult me in my office,…. ”
She stood up angrily

” What if i do, what will you do?,… I’m here to warn you for the last time, stay away from my family’s affair,….. You need an applause for a job well done,….. I know your involvement in my husband’s disappearance,….. You played a big role in that,…… And pls dont forget to warn your leprosy infected girlfriend to also mind her business,…. ”

” I’m ashamed to call you a mother, i’ve lost all respect for you,….. What will you stand to gain after destroying your family,…… You need to change,….. Your quest for wealth, power and fame has destroyed you,….. Thank God you want to run for governorship election, i’ll tell the whole world what a bad candidate you are especially to women,. I’ll tell them how you’ve been a bad mother and wife,….. Nobody will vote for you,… Your ruin will start from there!!!!!,…… Pls madam,… I was busy when you barged into my office, i would like to continue with my work,…. Have a nice”he said going through the files again

Mrs Johnson stood watching Desmond in anger, she felt like strangling him right away, she slowly carried her expensive handbag and walked out of the office without uttering a word,..

Desmond paused his work and wondered what kind of woman mrs Johnson is,…..

“This woman is truly a witch, how did she find out that i played a role in her husband’s disappearance,…. I need to inform Richie of this, he needs to be very careful with his mother,……. “
he thought to himself

” He called Richie and informed him of his mother’s visit,…. Richie assured him that everything is under control.


Mrs Johnson drove home thinking of the girl she saw hugging and kissing Richie,…. She was determined to find out who that girl is, then she’ll destroy her and her family,……

She parked her car and walked into the house tired,…. Pedro rushed to meet her,……

“Welcome madam,….. Emmm… Emmmm”

“Get out of my way fool,….!!! She barked at him”

“I’m sorry madam, but something happened when you left”he tried to tell her what happened

“Oh my God, why dont you use your head for once, cant you see that i’m tired to listen to your story,…. Get lost!!!!, “
she shouted at him angrily

She opened the door and entered inside the sitting room, she sat down and switched on the television,…..She called her cook to check on what she prepared for dinner,……

” What did you prepare for dinner”
she asked a girl in her mid twenties

“Madam, i prepared bitter leaf soup and semo vita,… ”

” Good, prepare the table for me, i’m famished,…. Is Richard back? ”

” Ahh, madam, no be small thing oooo, the story long ooooo.,. Hmmmm, no be small thing,.. Madam make i sit down tell you how it take happen “the maid sat down on the sofa and Mrs Johnson couldn’t stand her stupidity anymore

” Will you get your stinking a-s out of my sofa,…. What is wrong with all of you today,….. You want to turn my house into a house of comedy,?, i’m wasting my time talking to a moron,….. Get out!!!!! “
she ordered the maid

The maid ran iside the kitchen trembling in fear,…..
She went up to her room, bathed and changed into her nightie,…. She closed her door and meant to climb down the stairs when she noticed that the door to Richie’s room was open,…. She was happy, maybe she could get one or two things from there,… She tiptoed to the room, she slightly opened the door,…. And couldn’t believe what she saw,…. It was then that what Pedro and the cook wanted to tell her dawned on her…………

Mrs Johnson stood still watching Richie’s room,….. She let out a scream,….

“Pedro oooo!!!!, Pedro o!!!!! “
she hurried downstairs calling Pedro.

” Madam, what happened?,… Why are you screaming? “he asked with a terrified look on his face,

” Where’s Richard?, “
she asked pointing at his room

” Madam, i tried telling you what happened but you didnt listen to me”

“Shut up,just answer my question,….. What happened to Richard’s properties?, ”

” Madam, Richard entered here with four soldiers,… . He seized our phone and kept us under arrest for two hours,…. They packed all his belongings into a van packed outside and left ”Pedro narrated to her

” So why didn’t you call me to inform me”
she asked him

“Madam, they seized our phones,…. We couldn’t call you, ”

” Chai, this boy is just too smart, he’s playing with fire,… He packed out of the house without informing me, i need to act fast”
She called her friend mrs Ukoh, who promised to see her the next day,……..


Richard and Desmond were in his new apartment arranging his properties, he had called Angela to inform her of his relocation ,…..

“Richie, you took the right step,… You need to stay away from your mother,.. Sometimes i wonder if she’s actually your Biological mother,…… “
Desmond said

” I think the same too,.. You need to see how she was threatening to deal with me,…. I cant believe my own mother could be so wicked,….. ”

” Angela needs to be careful, i had a very bad dream about her,…., your mother is not happy with you, and she’s ready to harm her if she finds out she’s your girlfriend ”

” I’ve thought of that,…. I’m thinking of renting another apartment for her parents, they need to leave that environment,… ”

” Very good,…he yawned hungrily… I’m famished, let’s look for somewhere nice to eat ”

They left for an eatery close to Richard’s house to eat their supper.


******* Daddy Joe returned home looking sad,…. His wife noticed his countenance,…… She thought it was due to stress,…

She prepared his food and served him before returning to her kiosk for the evening sales,…

Angela returned from school and was shocked to meet her father at home,…. She greeted him and noticed his voice was low,…. She knew something is wrong with him

“Daddy, is your leg paining you? “
she asked touching the leg,

” No my daughter,i’m alright,… Just a little bit tired.. “
he replied

” Daddy i want to wash my clothes, i would like to wash yours also”

He brought his dirty clothes and handed to her,… She was about soaking his shirt when a brown envelope fell from her his pocket,…

She picked it up and stared at it,….. Curiosity made her open the envelope and she found out that her father has been sacked,…..

She couldn’t believe her eyes,… She went into the room and met her father relaxing on the cushion, listening to the radio, she called him twice but there no reply,…. She touched him, he didn’t move,….. She then screamed his name, ….

“Daddy!!!!!,!!!! “she pushed him and he fell from the cushion ,.

She ran outside and called her mother , they both ran inside……

” Joe pls dont do this to me,. Dont abandon me with these children,… Who will take care of these children, … Joe pls….. “
Her mother cried.

Angela was still in shock and didn’t know what else to do,…. Neighbours had gathered in their house,.. A taxi was called and he was taken to the hospital.


Richard was rounding off his office work for the day, when his phone rang,… He picked it immediately seeing the caller Id

“Angel,… How’re you?

“Richie,….. My dad…… “she wept over the phone

Richie was startled,… He couldn’t hear her clearly, the phone went dead, network seems to be bad, he suspended his work, he continued dialing her number but it wasn’t going through,.. He thought of what next to do,…. He tried her number after several attempts and it rang, she picked it

“Angel, what’s wrong with your daddy? ”

” I dont know,….. He cant breath, we’re at the hospital”she sobbed over the phone

“Calm down love, which hospital?, ”

” At St. Joseph’s hospital,.. ”

” OK, i’m on my way, just wait for me”
He dropped the call and closed for the day, he drove straight to St. Joseph ‘s hospital


Richie arrived the hospital and met Angela’ s family in grief,…… This is the first time he’s meeting her mother,….. Angela rushed to him crying,.. He hugged her wiping her tears,…

“Angel calm down,…. Nothing will happen to your daddy, “he consoled her
Angela’s mother could not stop wondering who the young man is,….

” Mummy, this is Richard,. “She introduced Richie to her mother

“good day ma,. I’m sorry for what happened to your husband,.”.

“It’s ok,sorry you met us in this terrible condition “she apologized

” I want to see the doctor attending to him”
he said referring to Angela ‘s dad, The doctor called them to his office,…

“I’m sorry, your dad’s BP is very high,… By God’s grace he’ll be perfect,….. You need to deposit the sum of twenty thousand naira for commencement of treatment,…..
 Richie paid the money immediately and took the family home to rest.


It’s been one week Angela’s father was admitted,. But there was no sign of improvement in his health,… Richie and Angela visited the hospital to check on him,…

They were alone in the hospital cafeteria when Richie decided to ask Angela what happened to her dad.

“Angel,.. Do you know what caused your daddy’s BP to rise this much, ”

” I’m sorry i didnt tell you this earlier,…. My daddy was sacked the day he was rushed to the hospital,….. He tried hiding it from the family but i found out,…. ”

” I’m sorry about that,…. Have you told your mother about it? ”

” No, not yet, i was planning to tell her before daddy would be discharged ”

” Angel, you need to rest,… You’re looking so weak,…. You need to take a break from your work and rest,.. ”

” I cant do that now,…… Not now that my proprietor finds fault in everything i do now,…he’s been acting cold towards me,…. ”

” I think it’s time you quit that job,i can take care of you,.. ”

” Nooo, i need to save money for my education,…. And remember my daddy has lost his job,…… So i need to take care of my family ”

Richard felt sorry for his girlfriend,..he needs to do something to help her out, he cant sit and watch her suffer like this,…. And she’s loosing wieght drastically,…..


Angela was with her father in the hospital when he started loosing breath,….. She tried holding him but couldn’t ,… She ran out and called the doctor,.. The doctor and the nurses rushed in and saved him,…… Angela prayed vehemently,…. Her dad fell asleep minutes later,.. She was relieved…..

She went out to buy snacks for lunch,….

She decided to stay outside a little bit to enjoy fresh air,… she stayed outside for thirty minutes before returning to the room,…

She returned to the room to see the doctor and the nurses attending to her daddy,… After several attempts,.. The doctor asked the nurse,
“Nurse, what’s the time of death? ”

” 2.35pm”the nurse replied him
Angela held the doorknob and couldn’t move, hot tears flowed down freely from her eyes,… She watched the nurse cover her daddy,.then it dawned on her that her father is dead,…. She rushed at the nurse and pushed her away from her daddy ‘s corpse,,,,, she held her dad

“Daddy,… Daddy,….. Your Angel is talking to you!,…. Wake up and talk to me,… Remember you promised to never leave us in this wicked world,….. Look at your children ooo, what will mama do?,. Daddy just open your eyes,… I promise to find another job for you,…. Infact you wont work again, i’ll take care of you,.. Your Angel is calling you ooooo!!!!!, Daddy., yoh cant leave me oooo, i cant bear the pain,.daddy remember you promised me that you must witness my wedding and see your grand children said you must see me graduate from the University .. Daddy remember grandma is still alive,,,,,….. She can’t survive without you…….. Daddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

She held her dad crying so loudly,….

The nurses tried to console her but she was inconsolable,……. Her mother and Richie entered the room,she wondered what was happening to her daughter,…. She saw her husband covered and she didnt need anyone to tell her that her husband is dead. She joined her daughter in crying,..

Richard took his girlfriend away from the corpse,… He called Nancy and Desmond and informed them of Angela dad’s demise,…. They drove to the hospital immediately,…..he also called Tope and informed her too,…. Arrangements were made for the body to be deposited in the mortuary,.. Angel would not stop crying,…. Richard drove them home,……

Calls were made to inform their family members of their brother’s demise,…..

Nancy called her daddy’s siblings and informed them,… Before 6pm in the evening, their house was filled with relatives that lives in Asaba,…. Her father ‘s house was turned to a mourning house,… Her siblings cried uncontrollably,…. Richard and Desmond stayed with the family till late at night before they retiring to their homes,… Tope and Nancy slept over to watch over Angela.


To Be Continued….


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