MediaTek Beats Qualcomm: Why Are More And More Manufacturers Using MediaTek Chips?

The sorpasso has just been made official after knowing the data of Counterpoint Research. MediaTek has just surpassed Qualcomm as the world’s best-selling processor company. Qualcomm has been in the highest position for a few years and 2020 has caused it to miss this milestone. MediaTek right now is the company that more mobile processors sold in the world. This is due to the increase in quality of its products in the last two years. The trend has changed and, little by little, the vision of users towards MediaTek it also changes. This translates to more manufacturers relying on MediaTek.

MediaTek is not what it was a few years ago

4 or 5 years ago buying a device with a MediaTek processor was not recommended. The company’s chips were clearly below those it offered Qualcomm. Its performance and support were not at the level of the mid-range that began to arrive with very interesting performances by Qualcomm.

It was during this time that much of the market saw MediaTek as a company that manufactured poor quality processors. This resulted in a bad reputation for MediaTek, especially outside of China. It was easy to read comments on social networks or forums in which users ran away from any model with a MediaTek chip.

The response of the market, especially the western one, was that any decent mid-range that wanted to make a dent in the market it had to include a Qualcomm chip. At the time it made sense, as MediaTek was not up to scratch and its chips were not performing decently in the 200-300 euro / dollar range.

During those years Qualcomm it reigned calmly and manufacturers paid their high prices to gain a foothold in the market. The mid-range has changed a lot in recent years and thanks to the democratization of many technologies prices have dropped considerably. This is when MediaTek have a chance again.

The resurgence of MediaTek: quality chips and cheaper

MediaTek It has changed the way of thinking of users based on work and perseverance. The company has been doing things well for a while and offering quality chips. Its processors are still a little below Qualcomm, but there is no longer that abysmal difference that we saw a few years ago.

Now MediaTek is able to get chips from mid-range that perform very well, something that manufacturers already know and that little by little is also permeating users. Brands such as Xiaomi, Vivo, Oppo, realme and Huawei have opted for MediaTek after its renewal of series and the increase in quality.

Many of the most popular mobiles of the moment They have a MediaTek chip, something that many users begin to ignore. If it works well it does not matter what brand of processors it is. And the truth is that a large part of the mobiles that go from 150 to 300 euros / dollars work decently regardless of the brand of processors they use.

MediaTek has overtaken Qualcomm and in 2021 it could continue like this

It’s very probable that MediaTek go your way and your showdown against Qualcomm in 2021. Manufacturers already trust this brand and users increasingly do so. If MediaTek does not relax, everything points to what we will see many more mid-range devices with MediaTek chips, which perform very well and allow manufacturers to save costs on this expensive component.

If you are considering the purchase of a device for 2021, we recommend that you do not rule it out by including a MediaTek processor. Many of the company’s new chips are more powerful than other lower-series Qualcomm Snapdragon.


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