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If your little ones are fans of the famous Disney mouse and want to give them a gift that doesn’t cost you a lot of money, don’t hesitate to browse Primary World, select different Mickey Mouse designs, download and print them. It’s free, easy to do, and you will give them a nice surprise. Download  free Mickey Mouse coloring pages for kids at DDC123: Topolino da colorare e stampare

Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages



Mickey Mouse is a little mouse born in 1928 under the Disney brand. At first he wore no shoes or gloves, but they were later included to differentiate one character from another. Shoes are great for giving him a boyish look with dad shoes. She wears a red shorts with two white horizontal buttons. Its body is black, including its ears and tail, and its muzzle is beige.Your little ones are sure to see the “Mickey Mouse House” series of pictures and love this cute mouse, so put more into his story. With Mickey Mouse drawings to paint you will strengthen their knowledge and teach them the essential values ​​for their life. You can download and print the mickey mouse coloring pages in german at: Micky Maus Ausmalbilder

Characters in Mickey Mouse drawings to print

Mickey Mouse is a mouse from a series of the same name, but he is not alone. Many characters accompany him on his adventures and you can also download many drawings of one of them.

  • Mickey Mouse:  is the protagonist. Charismatic, he likes to help his friends and always has a smile. It is a black mouse with large ears and a long tail.
  • Pluto:  Known as Mickey’s mascot. It is a large yellow dog with black ears and very loyal.
  • Minnie:  Mickey’s girl. She is also a very flirtatious little mouse who always wears a big bow on her head.
  • Donald Duck:  One of Mickey’s best friends. He’s a duck who doesn’t speak very well, but everyone understands that. He is white with a yellow beak and legs, wears a blue long-sleeved sailor-style shirt and a hat of the same color.
  • Goofy:  This is another of Mickey’s best friends. He is a tall, somewhat clumsy and very friendly dog. Wear large shoes, a tall green hat, jeans, a long-sleeved shirt, and a sleeveless black jacket.
  • Daisy: She  is Donald Duck’s girlfriend, a very flirtatious white paw. She wears a large bow on her head, very large bracelets on both hands and high heels.

Creative ideas for coloring Mickey Mouse’s face

Are you looking for what you can do with Mickey Mouse designs and fill them with life with different colors and materials? Here are some ideas to fill the life of the little mouse and his friends:

  • Decorate the notebooks:  download and print a sketch of Mickey Mouse the size of the notebook, paint it as you like (black and white, monochrome, with bright colors …) and with the help of transparent vinyl, cover them. You will have unique designs.
  • Furnishing the bedrooms:  do you want to surprise your little ones? Print various images, color them in bright colors, glue the glitter, cut out and glue them to the wall.
  • Garland:  Your little one wants his Mickey Mouse party but you don’t want to spend a lot? Download various designs and after having colored them, cut out their shapes and hang them on a string.

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