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At first glance, many video games seem like a total waste of time, something that leaves nothing to posterity, but if you know where to aim in the  wonderful and vast world of graphic entertainment,  you will find real educational treasures, which will be fantastic training tools for your children. Print these Minecraft coloring pages  from   our website so  the little ones can paint  a special place, designed so that  creativity and imagination  work best. Your children will be like little engineers who lift and build the world before their eyes. Download  Minecraft  to color free for children on DDC123

Minecraft coloring pages


You can share this task with them. It’s not a bad idea to show them what they can do with each block and show them how to match the colors  It is a universe where  shades, shapes and creative force  mix very well  . A real incentive for the little ones to work on their ideas in a fun and healthy way.

You can play it in first or third person. It is a  construction game by  means of blocks that you can move through the whole world, thus modifying the environment that surrounds you, but this has a limit, the game has a kind of grid that delimits the space within its universe, and you can place the blocks only respecting these grids.

Download Minecraft drawings  , have fun while playing and create your world. Color each block and rearrange everything so that the environment fits what you want to see. It is a colorful, creative and fun opportunity that you are sure to love.

How about inventing new colors? Trees with blue or fuchsia leaves. You can order the blocks and colors however you want, it’s the  chance  you’ve been waiting  for to imagine  a different place, and do it great.


Minecraft Drawings: An Open World Game

It is an  open world building game  created by Markus Persson, a Swede better known as “Notch”. Mojang AB, a “Notch” company, developed the game later, which was released to the public in 2009, after taking two years to make some changes, it was released in full version in 2011.

It is well known to  video game enthusiasts  and its developments are up to date with its exposure in the market, as there are versions for almost all consoles and systems; Android, IOS, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita  are some of the devices you can play on.

The company is very dedicated to the evolution of the game and since its launch and adaptation to every system and console, it constantly releases updates. Microsoft bought the game in 2014 for the not modest sum of $ 2.5 billion. After this, “Notch” withdrew from the project.

Open  world games  don’t have a direct purpose that you should achieve, rather a series of goals that you can do at your leisure. You also have total  freedom of movement, of  course, within the map which stands as the universe to explore. Print and paste your designs on your room wall and create your world.

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