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In Primary World you can find a wide variety of   Minion  coloring pages, ready to download, print and paint. Sit down with your little ones to select the ones they like best and voila, it’s very simple. Download free Minions coloring pages for kids at DDC123: Minions da colorare e stampare

Minions Coloring Pages



The minions are yellow creatures with black gloves on both hands, black safety boots, and metal goggles. They have been on the face of the Earth since the beginning of time and their mission is to be the henchmen of the supervillains. Throughout the story, several very bad characters follow, including Mr. Gru. Despite understanding our language, Minions are unable to create coherent sentences and are always heard nonsense or nonsense.

They eat everything, but they love bananas. Although they are clumsy and easily distracted, they are intelligent in some respects. There are three Minions that stand out from the others:

  • Kevin  : He is tall and thin, has two eyes and a crest in the center of his head. There is another Kevin among the Minions, albeit totally different in appearance: one-eyed, a little chubby, short and with hair all over his head. He is one of those who most reveres Mr. Gru.
  • Stuart  : He has only one eye, is of medium height and a little plump. Her hair consists of 6 hairs parted in half and glued to the head. His personality is friendly, cheerful and very intelligent. You can find designs of Stuart’s Minions dressed as a girl or with a ukulele.
  • Bob  : He is the smallest of the three, both in stature and in age. It has two eyes, one brown and the other green. He is bald. His attitude is one of the most childish, he is easily distracted, he is very friendly, cheerful and affectionate. You can find photos of Bob holding a teddy bear named Tim.

Print Minion drawings to draw and learn

While they are super fun and only by downloading and printing the Minions drawings will you have an afternoon filled with joy, you can teach them a few things after watching the movies and while they color:

  • Teamwork  is important: thanks to everyone’s work together, without arguing, Gru’s plans are carried out . 
  • Evil Leads to Nothing Good  : Although Minions like to follow a supervillain, doing evil does not make them truly happy, what they seek is to make the person they admire happy.

Minions to print and paint

With whatever your imagination wants: colored pencils, markers, chalks, recycled materials, glitter … For example, if they are the evil Minions, with a furry and purple appearance, you can use a sponge with a little paint to give it a fuzzy look, glue on striped chalk painted cotton, rolled pipe cleaners, cut out a fluffy feather boa and glue it … the alternatives are endless.

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