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Do the children of the house love Minnie? If so, stay on this site and you will find a large number of drawings of Minnie, Mickey’s girlfriend, ready to download and print. They are perfect for spending an afternoon full of colors and imagination. Download  free Minnie Mouse  coloring  pages for kids at DDC123

Minnie is a very flirtatious little mouse who wears a big bow on her head, gloves on her hands and high heels. Want ideas on  how to bring the designs  you download to life? Here we give you some:

Minnie coloring pages

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  • Use glue and glitter to make Minnie shine in all her glory.
  • With the help of scissors and glue, cut out pieces of felt in different colors to bring Minnie to life. This activity is excellent for children who already use scissors, as it will promote motor development.
  • Watercolors are a good option for those over 3 years old, they will learn how to use the brush to color the drawing.
  • Colored pencils, chalks and markers are perfect for all ages. The advantage is that they have a great variety, you don’t need to be so aware of the kids while they enjoy coloring, and they can let their imagination run wild when they paint Minnie’s bow and dress, as well as all of her accessories.
  • Do you have a lot of buttons in the house? To recycle! You can compile a Minnie Mouse drawing using buttons of various colors: colored for the bow and dress, black for the ears, nose, arms and legs; white for the gloves and part of the eyes, beige for the face. You can also use beads, pompoms …
  • Continuing with the idea of ​​recycling, you can use egg cartons, bags, magazines, newspapers, cardboard or plastic containers to color them and make them part of the design.

Minnie coloring pages

  • Do you want to encourage the concentration of your little ones? Download and print our drawings, not only of Minnie, but of any of her friends.
  • When painting, the brain combines motor and cognitive processes, which improves the ability of introspection and memory. The former is excellent for getting to know herself, while the latter will help her in many aspects of her life.
  • It is a fun activity that becomes learning over time: depth, direction of the brushstroke, combination of colors, composition, shadows …
  • It is an activity that relaxes children, as being focused on drawing, they will not have other thoughts in mind that could overwhelm them.

In Primary World we have a wide variety of Minnie Mouse coloring pages, which you can download and print with just a few clicks. Some of them are:

  • Classic:  Adult Minnie, full body, with heel, short dress and bow, you can find polka dot or solid color dress and bow, shoes with or without bow.
  • Baby: It’s  a pretty cute version of this little mouse. She wears one-piece pajamas, a bib and her signature big bow in the center of her head.
  • Princess:  long dress and gloves, high heels, here you can find her with her bow, a tiara or a mix between a tiara and a bow. It’s a fancier version of Minnie.

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