Mint Mobile vs. Tello: Which should you get?


Since switching to T-Mobile’s network for coverage, Tello’s plan stands up much more favorably compared to Mint. Tello lets you build a completely custom plan, so if you know exactly what you need, you can avoid over-buying data. Still, even with its fewer plans, Mint Mobile comes with more for less if you’re willing to renew for six months or more. You can also bring your renewals down to three months with more than one line for maximum savings. Tello and Mint both work with a wide range of unlocked phones that work on T-Mobile’s network.

Mint Mobile vs. Tello: Plenty of data either way

Mint Mobile keeps things simple with unlimited talk and text on all of its plans, and data comes in four sizes that should work for most people. Tello lets you customize a plan to fit your needs precisely, so you only need to pay for what you use. Mint’s data plans will make more sense for most people, but if you only need basic service, Tello is a great low-cost option. Tello is also one of the few carriers to offer a talk and text-only plan for those that want to stick to a basic phone.

Mint Mobile Tello
Network T-Mobile T-Mobile
Minimum term 3 months 1 month
Maximum term 12 months 1 month
Hotspot Included Included
Minimum data 4GB None
Maximum data Unlimited (35GB) Unlimited (25GB)

Mint Mobile vs. Tello: Get enough coverage


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