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Monsters can be very scary. Hidden in the closet, under the bed, behind the door, … But they can also be a lot of fun! With  Primary World monster drawings  you will have terrifying fun coloring the most creepy creatures of all time. Download  Free Mostri da colorare e stampare  for Kids at disegnidacolorare123

Drawings of monsters for children



You will not have to worry about anything, because all the monsters collected in these illustrations are the ones who like to have fun and laugh a lot. Choose as many monster designs as you like, with one eye or more, with horns, with many arms, with scales or with hair. You can color all the monster drawings as you like! Give personality to each of the creatures thanks to your colors.The littlest ones in the house are generally afraid of monsters, regardless of their appearance. If they ask you daily to search their closet or under the bed looking for these, we suggest you browse our website, select different monster designs ready to paint, download and print them, and sit with them to color them so they lose fear.

You can look for a monster with 1 or more eyes, furry or with scales, horns, antennae, many legs, a long tail, with a terrifying or, conversely, a little silly expression that causes quite grace (the latter is perfect because the little ones manage to lose their fear of monsters).

Monster drawings: what types of monsters are there?

We can classify them according to their main characteristics:

  • Terrestrial monsters:  they are the most common and their main characteristics are: hairy, scaly, large, small, with 1, 2 or more eyes, different legs and hands, in human or animal shape … In this category you can find the Yetis , werewolves, vampires, zombies, mummies, wizards and witches.
  • Sea monsters:  live in the sea, lakes and lagoons. They typically have scaly or reptilian skin, they can have human-shaped body parts such as mermaids, ceceliads, undines, newts … or they can be completely animal or strange creatures such as krakens, seahorses, giant octopuses …
  • Air Monsters:  You can imagine they are the ones with wings or flying. They can be in the form of insects, humans, animals, or weird things. Its appearance is generally terrifying and unpleasant, it includes wings that can be feathered or furry like those of dragons or bats, paws with large claws, long tail …
  • Reptiles or Dinosaurs:  They have scaly skin like that of reptiles, are strong with large jaws, some are marine, while others are terrestrial or amphibious.
  • Insects:  they have similar characteristics to these: many legs (at least more than 4), antennae, they are invertebrates, 2 or more eyes … Downloading insect monster drawings can help them lose their fear of real life insects.
  • Phantasmagoric:  they are transparent or invisible, many times they are represented with a floating sheet with two eyes.

Creative ideas for painting monster pictures with the little ones

Have you already downloaded and printed our ready-to-paint monster drawings, but don’t know how to fill them with life so your little one loses fear of them? Here we bring you some tips:

  • If it’s hairy, use colorful feathers, pipe cleaners, and even glitter to give it a 3D look.
  • Glue on small moving eyes for a more fun look.
  • With gouache or watercolors you can give it a reptilian scale or texture.
  • With washed and painted eggshells, you can improve the flaky texture of their skin.
  • With the help of sponges, old brushes, toothbrushes or ropes that you no longer use, you can give it texture both with the paint and with the object itself.

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