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MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer – Get 100% Data Bonus Now!



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MTN Ng is back again with new offer and this offer is known as MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer which is a new offer from MTN and it’s designed to reward MTN users with 50% to 100% data bonus on their new 3G/4G smartphones on all data they purchase in the next 3 or 6 months depending on the type of phone you purchase.

Eligibility- Who Can Get MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer?  

This new offer is for everyone but those who can benefit from MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer are;

  • All new and existing customers with New 4G and 3G devices on MTN network.
  • 4G and 3G devices that have never been used on MTN network.
  • USIM and 3G SIM that have never enjoyed the offer in the past 12 months.

You have to note that only 4G and 3G devices that have special partnerships with MTN will be able to benefit from  this new offer for 6 months.

How To Get The New MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer On Your Phone 

Getting this new data bonus offer on your device is simple and all you have to do is:

  • Get your 3G or 4G smartphone
  • Get your new sim ready
  • Insert your sim on your phone
  • Boot the smartphone
  • Wait for an SMS to confirming the bonus offer
  • Activate any of the MTN Data bundles.
  • Enjoy your data
  • Dial *131*4# to check balance here
  • That’s how you can get this new offer on your smartphone.


    How To Check MTN Differentiated Kpalasa Offer

    You have to know that the data bonus will not rollover and I have shown you the  short code to use and check this offer however, the data balance can be using any of the channels below :

    1. SMS: Texting 2 to 131
    2. USSD: Dialling *131*4#
    3. MyMTNApp
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    Frequently Ask Questions

    QUES: What phone and devices can I enjoy the offer for 6 months?

    ANS: ONLY 4G and 3G devices that have special partnerships with MTN will be able to enjoy the offer For 6 months.

    QUE: What phone and other devices are classified as new on MTN network?

    ANS: All 4G and 3G devices that have never been used on MTN network.

    QUE: How long can I keep enjoying the Differentiated Kpalasa on my device?

    ANS: You will enjoy the offer on devices in below category:

    4G Devices (Standard Offer)3 months
    4G Devices (Special Partnerships)6 months
    3G Devices (Standard Offer)3 months
    3G Devices (Special Partnerships)6 months

    QUE: Will I be able to enjoy both Kpalasa phone (20%) offer and Differentiated Kpalasa offer?

ANS: No! You will only be able to enjoy Differentiated Kapalasa Offer.

QUE: I have a smartphone used on another network, how can I enjoy this offer?

ANS: All smartphones that have not been used on MTN network before will enjoy the offer. Simply insert a registered MTN SIM card in the device.

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