Multi-task With These Smart Tricks In Your iPhone And Android Mobile Device

Multi-task With These Smart Tricks In Your iPhone And Android Mobile Device

From quick and easy ways to change your wireless network to an easy way to throw your phone’s screen on another device, forget all the things you probably didn’t know your Android phone could do for you. These improvements offer a whole new set of ways to make your Android smartphone smarter than ever before.

If you’re ready to switch to Android and get more out of the Android phone you already own, check out our list of the best Android phones of 2020. If you find that one or two apps you use on your iPhone are not offered on Android, you will find them on this list. We # ve collected some of our best exclusive apps, too, and If you want to find hidden tips and tricks, read this non-exhaustive list for more.

If you manually enter your contacts on a new Android phone, you can also export your iPhone contacts. Check out our guide to how to transfer contacts from an iPhone to an Android guide, for more tips and tricks, and how – to Android guides.

You can also find apps for iOS and Android that flip, stretch and edit images to create additional fun lock-screen backgrounds.

If you have an Android phone, you can use what is called a launcher, which is essentially an app that allows you to make drastic changes to your device’s homescreen. Apps like Camera ProCapture (free for Android) have additional features beyond the normal phone settings. For example, popular Android launcher Evie emphasizes the importance of using the search bar to quickly find apps and everything else on your Android phone. With the launcher on an Android phone, we can customize what makes the phone what it already is.

On top of that, the Settings app on Android has a search option that lets you search for arcane options. If you need to reach your phone’s settings but don’t know where they are, locate them using the search bar.

If you do not want another person to have access to your personal information while using your phone, use Guest Mode. If there is a code you need to enter every time you want to use an app, you can use Google’s Smart Lock feature.


Drop contacts, music and more to your computer and you won’t be able to add iPhone backups to your Android phone. You can use any number of apps if you have an Android, but you can’t move data from your iPhone to a Samsung device. If you need to edit a photo, you can do so in the Photos app on the Android device and not on the iPhone.

If you already use Google Cloud services, transferring data from one Android phone to another should be a breeze. With Acronis’ True Image 2020, you can back up all your photos, videos, contacts, music and more from your iPhone to your Android device in one place with one interface. For Android and iPhone users, you should set up Google Photos as the primary photo storage service, not Google Drive or Dropbox. The iPhone – Android Transfer App helps you easily switch data between Android devices and the iPhone from the iPhone.

In this tutorial you will learn how to change your IMEI number with the android _ IMEI _ Changer Apk. I’ll share later that this method is not rooted for mobile, but be aware that you change your Android smartphone’s IMeI number every minute.

If you are looking for an easy way to customize your phone without damaging or rooting it, you can try these hacks and tricks. You can learn how to remotely erase your iPhone and delete Android device from their respective websites.

Let’s take a look at 18 such tips and tricks that can be used by smartphone users in Android 9.0 Pie, which has a wide range of smart tricks for Android users.

The I have collected some handy tips for Android users that will help you get more out of your phone. Even if you’re just getting your brand – the new iPhone XS – do yourself a favor and memorize some of these handy tips and tricks that will save you some time and make you more productive. Don’t be afraid of Android phones, as they also have the ability to find your Android device (formerly called Android Device Manager), a feature that works just like what you find on your iPhone. Some of the apps you have on the iPhone may not even be available on an Android phone and vice versa.

This is an invaluable step if you want to protect things that are already on your phone, but it can take a while to activate it if the phone was not encrypted before. If you’re using an older version of Android, it slows down your phones and the technology can’t detect a single face, so anyone else using the phones would have to enter a passcode to unlock your iPhone.

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