N-Power 2017/18 Past Questions and Answers.

N-Power 2017/18 Past Questions and Answers.  Welcome to Npower Npower volunteers, we have come to show Npower’s power և և և ևարց

N-Power 2017/18 Past Questions and Answers.

Welcome to Npower Npower volunteers, we have come to show Npower’s power և և և ևարց հարց: and entering the npower test is already a trend as people do their best to get their names on the Npower2020 / 2021 list.


In addition, the Npower test portal offers npower training test, npower skills test, npower assessment test, npowe agrotest, npower tax, npower education and more. This is a feature. You can also choose where your names will fall before the test begins.

Npower online testing portal:

Remember that before this Npower test rating you need to receive an SMS from Npwer.


Past Npower Questions և Answers 2017/2018:


As we see today on the Npower portal, this is an example of the issue of online applications. As the answers are different, there are no answers to these questions yet. The flag question is usually information about your personal life, so the answer will not be the same. In addition, the text of the question is presented below.


Question 1:


How many sides in the car?


Choose one.






c 7:




Question 2:


You’re late, ______




You don’t


do not use with


you used


e. None of the above


Question 3:


Question: The concept of transport of goods or services


Choose one.




b Rating:


c Marketing


d Industry:


e. No choice


Question 4:


One hour at 1 o’clock (12:00 am), two hours at 2:00 (three times in the morning or evening at 3 o’clock (morning or evening)) and so on. This will work several times. 2 hours? during:


Choose one.


and 78




c 156




Question 5:


[Choose one that is almost the opposite of a capital letter and fill in the blanks in the sentence at the same time with one] Tarkva on the way to the sea, the sea is worried, but if you go beyond happiness ________ back


Choose one.


Calm down


would be nice


c real estate




e. No choice


Question 6:


X. When a person breathed I breathed oxygen, which one did I breathe?



Choose one.


carbon dioxide


b sodium chloride


c Oxygen


d Carbon monoxide


e. No choice


Question 7:


What is the value of ^ 0?


Choose one.






c 0:


d 1:


Question 8:


A bank employee should be able to identify _______ counterfeit banknotes.


Choose one.




b true


with her




e. valid


Question 9:


H. This is an example of a service provided by NIPOST


Choose one.




messenger b:


c Email:


d No choice


Question 10:


How did the test go? Not very good ______ better, but I misread the writing instructions.


Choose one.


can do


would have to


c did


maybe I did


e. It can be done


Question 11:


Are you ready to go to the countryside?


Choose one.




b NO


Question 12:


Do you have computer programming skills or software development?


Choose one.




b NO


Question 13:


Which of these devices do you own?


Choose one or more.






c Smartphone (mobile phones with Internet capability)


Question 14:


Do you have a physical disability?


Choose one.


a Yes


b No.


Question 15:




Choose one.




would be a woman


Question 16:


Which of these categories or graduate programs do you belong to?


Choose one.


Lesson 1 / Distinguishing Masters Masters


b Class 1 / Version և GDP


c Level 1 / version


d Above / 2. Master of Credit Loans


e. Level 2 Credit Top / Top + GDP


f. Promotion Credit / Level 2 Promotion


yes. Master’s degree in low / low credit


j Class 2 low / low credit + PG


I have a low / low 2nd grade credit


j Level 3 / transition + wizard


k Level 3 / transition + GDP


l Level 3 / mountain crossing


Question 17:


What is your employment status?


Choose one.


full time


b Independent


c Part-time


d unemployed


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