Nokia’s 2720 Flip Phone Is Finally Arriving Stateside

Nokia's 2720 Flip Phone Is Finally Arriving Stateside

Nokia’s 2720 Flip Phone Is Finally Arriving Stateside

Back in 2019, HMD created the retro Nokia 2720 Flip for its nostalgic fans, but the device never reached the United States. Luckily, this is now about to change.

Starting at the end of this month, the 2720 Flip will be offered stateside by Verizon for a price tag of just $80 USD. The device itself carries a modest 2.8-inch screen that flips down when the phone’s not in use, closing onto the physical keypad, paired with a display on the exterior which shows information like the time, caller ID or other notifications you’re getting. Of course, HMD also gave the retro mobile phone a few welcome upgrades with more modern functionality, such as 4G connectivity, a web browser, access to apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp, and even Google Assistant. Its simplicity also means you’ll have a greatly extended battery life compared to current smartphones.

The Nokia 2720 Flip will be available over on Verizon’s website and the My Verizon App starting May 20.


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