Our YouTube channel got hijacked

As you might have noticed, we haven’t been publishing videos to YouTube for over a month and there’s a reason why.

While none of the accounts we own was compromised, a hijacker used a connected entity called MCN to get full access to the channel. They also received ownership of the content and redirected our YouTube revenue to their own account.

YouTube support had been very slow to acknowledge that there was an issue at all, and it was tight-lipped about what exactly happened and who is responsible. For the full story, watch the video we made that explains the situation in more detail.

There’s a light at the end of the tunnel to regain full control of our our channel, but it’s going to take some more time. In the meantime, we’ve been uploading our videos to Amazon and we’ll begin uploading them to our Facebook page. Once the issue is fully sorted out with YouTube, we’ll begin updating our YouTube channel with a backlog of videos.


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