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Are your kids very excited to see Paw Patrol episodes? Do you dream of being tech savvy with Ryder? Download  Paw Patrol da colorare e stampare  free for kids at DDC123

Are you afraid of water like Rocky? Browsing our web portal you will find a wide variety of  Paw Patrol coloring pages  that you can download and print with just a few clicks. Plus, if that’s not enough, they’re ready to be colored, so don’t keep kids’ creativity waiting any longer and download several now.

Paw Patrol coloring pages


Paw Patrol is a children’s animated series that premiered in 2013 and tells the adventures of a very intelligent boy and 8 puppies who are always trying to keep Adventure Bay safe, where everyone resides.

Paw Patrol Coloring Pages

Non sai chi sono tutti i suoi protagonisti? Qui ti spieghiamo in sintesi chi è chi in modo da sorprendere il più piccolo della casa con un disegno del loro cucciolo preferito.

  • Maresciallo: è un dalmata molto gentile e leale con tutti, specialmente con gli uccelli. Ha 6 anni, il suo ruolo nel gruppo è quello di pompiere e medico. È un po’ goffo, ma è una parte vitale della squadra. Il suo veicolo è un camion dei pompieri rosso che si trasforma in un’ambulanza.
  • Chase: poliziotto e spia, questo pastore tedesco di 7 anni può sembrare serio e maturo in missione, ma è molto giocoso quando è via, condividendo momenti piacevoli con i suoi amici. È il capo canino, usa sempre uno scudo con una stella al centro.
  • Rubble:  This is a construction bulldog that is terrified of spiders, but loves kittens. He is short and a bit chubby compared to his friends, but he is one of the more cheerful and playful of the bunch.
  • Rocky:  his motto is “reduce, recycle, reuse”. It is a shepherd mix that loves to recycle, it is very ingenious to do it, it will teach your little ones about environmental care. He has a truck where he stores things which he then reuses on missions.
  • Skye:  she is a puppy, the smallest of the group. Despite its size, it is very competitive. When he is happy, he takes a somersault. He loves to fly and is able to maneuver a helicopter.
  • Zuma:  he is a Labrador who always walks with a helmet and jacket because his role in the group is that of aquatic rescuers. He doesn’t pronounce the R well, loves to surf, play with his friends and compete with Skye.
  • Everest:  she is the other girl in the group, she loves eating livers, she is very naughty and she loves the snow… it couldn’t be otherwise, since she is a Siberian husky.
  • Tracker: This  is a Chihuahua with a great sense of hearing. He uses an off-road vehicle, he is very good at orienting himself.
  • Ryder:  It’s the kid who coordinates everything. He is 10 years old, extremely smart and adept at making gadgets. Train and teach puppies to use all his tools. He is the leader of the team.

What can I teach my little ones with these pictures?

A lot of things. The series itself will teach you about recycling, teamwork, developing your individual skills for the common good, that there are times to have fun and times to be serious and focused …

But also, with our designs:

  • You will learn how to color correctly, without going out of line.
  • Your fine motor skills will be developed by promoting hand-eye use.
  • It will boost your creativity and imagination.
  • You will have very funny moments.

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