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Do you have children in the house? They will surely love Peppa Pig every day and will closely follow the adventures of this cute little pig, his family and friends. If you want to surprise them with something they like, browse Primary World and you will find a wide variety of Peppa Pig drawings to paint this cute character. Download Peppa Pig coloring pages for kids free at DDC123: Peppa Pig da colorare e stampare

Peppa Pig to color

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You just have to download them, print them and get ready to spend a different and fun afternoon coloring the protagonist of this story.

In addition to having fun, you can teach them many things. Here are some ideas you can put into practice to cultivate their knowledge:

  • You can teach him  about colors and numbers  : put a number for each color, then assign that number to a part that matches that color. As you teach your little one how to paint it, ask him to repeat the numbers and name of each shade with you.
  • Teach him the sounds and characteristics of animals with the drawings of Peppa Pig and his friends: in the series there are pigs, rabbits, sheep, cats, dogs, zebras, ponies, elephants, donkeys, kangaroos, wolves, goats, cows .. .
  • Practice with them different ways of bringing to life the Peppa Pig drawings that you download and mold: with watercolors, chalks, colored pencils, glitter, recycled materials, magazines, newspapers …

Children enjoy coloring Peppa Pig pictures

Peppa Pig is a series based on the adventures of a family of pigs. These are some of its main characters:

  • Peppa Pig  : is the protagonist of the series. He is a very friendly and smiling pig. He lives with his parents and brother. He loves jumping in mud puddles and his favorite toy is a teddy bear named Teddy. Always wear a red dress and black closed shoes.
  • George Pig  : Peppa’s younger brother, he wears blue and loves to play with his sister. He doesn’t like taking medicine and cries when he doesn’t like something.
  • Mother Pig  : this is Peppa and George’s mother, she is almost always seen wearing an orange dress. She is a hardworking and very family oriented woman.
  • Daddy pig: he’s  Peppa and George’s dad, he’s big and fat. He wears glasses, has a beard and mustache. He is a great architect at designing houses and buildings, but not very good at doing housework.

Download Peppa Pig drawings to entertain the little ones of the house

Download and print different drawings of Peppa Pig and her friends, ask them to draw the scene for each one and tell them to tell you a fantastic story of the adventures that Peppa will have in the drawing. The advantages of doing this are:

  • It is a great way to stimulate your imagination and creativity.
  • You will build self-confidence by creating a story, setting and adventure on your own.
  • He will express his emotions through drawing.
  • You will relax by engaging in a task you like, with your favorite characters.
  • You will greatly improve his concentration by having him focus on a single specific task.

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