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Affectionate and friendly  to his trainer, this character is very endearing, but he won’t hesitate to fight hard when needed. It is an electric type creature  ,  so many of its attacks are based on this captivating element of nature, some of them are: lightning, thunder wave, lightning, thunder, spark and electric tackle. Download free pokemon coloring pages for kids at DDC123: Pokemon da colorare e stampare

Other techniques are: growl, whip, quick attack, double team, slam, speed, feint, agility, iron tail, and light screen. Here on our page you will find all the  images and drawings of   Pikachu to color,  undoubtedly an emblem of tenderness, affection and friendship. Print  it out and let the fun begin. 

Pikachu coloring pages

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Children will enjoy giving it its particular and jarring yellow color, even if they will always be free to explore other paths. All the pencils are at their disposal, encourage them to use other colors and be amazed by the wonderful results that creativity offers. It will be a  colorful  and static experience everywhere.

Download Pikachu’s pencil drawings

Do you want to become the best Pokemon master? This is your chance, enter a world of training and battles, where  friendship is essential to win. Choose a partner and bring him to the highest level of sympathy and strength, together they will achieve glory and be remembered for it.

What are you waiting for? Download  our  kawaii Pikachu drawings,  color them,  train them and win. Obtain a Thunder Stone and evolve it to win every battle. You are the protagonist of the story, create new techniques and surprise everyone by showing what you’re made of. What could happen if you change the colors? … New powers, an unknown evolution? The possibilities are limitless.

Imagine, create, invent, dream  and transform your Pokemon into one of the most original in all history, show your friends what you have done and teach them to bring their own creations to life. They will be able to create their own tournaments at home, it will be fascinating to test the techniques of their new fighters.

Drawings by Pikachu, a friendly companion

The world met this peculiar character for the first time thanks to the  Pokemon Red and Blue video game.  In the story we talk about a computerized data, in which this friend ranks at number 25 on the list. Pikachu  is the one who accompanies the protagonist,  Ash Ketchum,  during his adventures, during which he ends up fighting phenomenal battles.

Our friend appears in  the manga, anime and games of the series. It is the most famous Pokemon of all time, all over the world, and it masterfully represents the franchise. In its first level it is called  Pichu  , from there it evolves into  Pikachu,  when it generates a strong  friendly connection  with its partner, and later into  Raichu  thanks to the  stones  the  thunder

These creatures are commonly found in  forests and plains. However, they are also seen near mountains, islands, or some sources of electricity. Care must be taken when exposing them to  magnetic fields,  as this will not allow you to perform electric shocks and will give you something like a cold.

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