Pixel 7 prototype appears online as report points to second-gen Tensor improvements


What you need to know

  • An Ebay seller has reportedly gotten hold of a Pixel 7 prototype.
  • Images show off different angles of the phone, which has already been sold.
  • The Pixel 7 series will reportedly sport a 4nm second-gen Tensor chip built by Samsung.

Google made a splash when it pre-announced the Pixel 7 at its I/O conference in early May, getting ahead of (much of) the rumors ahead of its fall launch. However, not even Google can keep everything under wraps, as an alleged prototype was spotted on eBay, a development that rings similar to the big Pixel Watch leak.

The Pixel 7 prototype looks identical to the images that Google teased at I/O, with the new design for the camera bar. The device also appears to be in working condition, with the display turned on and displaying some information about the device, such as the built-in 128GB of storage. One image also reveals the model number (GVU6C).


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