Political Issues That Aren’t Getting the Airtime They Deserve

Political Issues That Aren’t Getting the Airtime They Deserve
Political Issues That Aren’t Getting the Airtime They Deserve

As we are ready for the 2020 election, Shondaland choice studies the politics and programs that will affect our future. We’ve talked to a lot of experts, leaders, and thinkers about what will (or should) be on the ballot this November. It is no secret that we live in a time of division, but we are most interested in discovering stylish ideas about how we can move forward as a nation and define our collaborative future. To that end, we want to hear from you.

With a number of popular presidential campaigners coming in during the campaign and the Democratic National Committee hosting seven (one incidentally 12) debates, it may seem that there is no cemetery left to talk about going into political issues. Selection

Still, while some tent issues like healthcare, climate change, and immigration continue to find marquee content in almost every debate and at every crusade stop, there are plenty of other important motifs that countless campaigners have yet to band, let alone continue.

Labor Rights

Popular early campaigners like Barney Sanders and Elizabeth Warren snatched Plutocrats from billionaires. Has made a big deal to get it back into the hands of functional and middle-class Americans. However, some big issues were not necessarily discussed. The labor movement is going on in the United States.

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Strikes and other systematic behaviors are being carried out by everyone from fast-food workers to Amazon contractors across the country. Who is demanding better stipends and working conditions? Not to mention, fields like media are now creating a huge drive for diligent professionals to unify and produce more equal, stable, and neutral working conditions. These movements will probably not diminish any time soon.


The traditional-leaning Supreme Court has agreed to hear his first withdrawal-related case during Trump’s tenure. Has created a strong impression that withdrawal sympathizers have been pushing for a long time. This will lead to a reduction in safe, affordable, and accessible withdrawal options across the country.

On top of that, recall-related legislation continues to make its way through statehouses. States like Kentucky, Louisiana, and Georgia tried to ban withdrawals six weeks after the first quarter. While Alabama is currently enforcing a full revocation ban through the courts

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Cyber hacking

As the early season draws closer, there are more reasons to be concerned about electoral impediments by third parties. Especially through cyber hacking and vulnerabilities in social media networks. A report plant that Russia tried to hack the electoral system in all 50 countries during the 2016 elections. And the FBI says it will now notify state election officials if they report an election violation. A product that they have not done before despite the electoral hurdles.

The Senate recently approved a bill to make the electoral system game a civil crime. But that doesn’t necessarily prevent those systems from being addressed in the first place, and it doesn’t solve the problem with social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter.

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Early and K-12 Education

Numerous debate conversations and policy proffers in the education sector have centered around advanced education debt remission and free council. While those are surely still important motifs, there are other critical exchanges that need to come to the van around beforehand education and K-12 education. 

For illustration, the battle between if the country should concentrate on strengthening its public education system or offering further choice through duty seminaries — and if original communities or the civil government should be suitable to make that decision — continues to be a violent debate in every region of the nation. Movements around adding school teacher pay also started to get traction following 2018’s Red for Ed movement. 

Popular presidential primary campaigners like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren published policy plans specifically supporting payment increases and other benefits for preceptors and other education staffers, and several countries inked pay increases into law.

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