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Princesses  are often the protagonists of the best known classic tales. That is why boys and girls show great interest in these figures, no longer so real as they are literary. Download  Free coloring pages for kids at Principesse da colorare e stampare

Princess drawings

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The designs of the princesses  that we present here are perfect for coloring. In this way, the little ones of the house can decorate the princesses in the way they like best, being able to invent a whole story and a personality behind them. Have fun with  drawings of princesses to color  and transport yourself to fantastic worlds of tales and stories ruled by magic. Don’t forget to bring your imagination and originality with you!They are talked about at all levels, they appear in real and imaginary stories, but … what’s better? Fact or fiction? This question is easily answered in many cases, although not for  princesses  .

Fiction has victimized them a lot, and we have rarely seen princesses like  Xena,  from the  ”  Xena: Warrior Princess  ” series,  or like  Merida,  from the animated film  ”  Valiente  “.

Print princess designs  from our website. The little ones will have fun  coloring  these particular women. The girls will undoubtedly have fun, but the little men of the house will also enjoy  painting the pictures,  as they connect to that new wave of female emancipation that is enveloping the world, and from which these bridesmaids have not escaped.

Download the drawings of classic princesses

From the beginning, they were seen primarily as examples of delicacy, righteousness, great moral values, kindness, love, among other characteristics, but they are also emblems of strength, intelligence and endurance  .

Although beyond any preconceived ideas about them, the truth is that they are human beings, who feel and suffer like everyone else, and some may be good, some not.

Download drawings of princesses  , color the whole world and the particular art that surrounds these women, who have lived adventures both in reality and in fiction. The  clothes, the shoes, the jewels, the castles… a  whole universe to  paint and fill with life. Fascinating stories intertwine around them, some are sad, some are more joyful and some are darker and darker.

Enjoy the classic. When  you paint a princess,  you not only paint her, you   also  color her world. She likes to fill the dragon holding her at the top of the tower with shades  ,  and the brave hero who wants to save her. The colors  ,  red, brown and black match the monster perfectly, but how about going a little further? The  foil  has a metallic luster, and the color itself will  perfectly match the hero’s armor.

You  can also use  small rocks  to give  your princess ‘s  castle   a unique reality  And the dress is not far behind, you can select  some flowers  and decorate it.

And why not invent your own adventure after coloring? It would be fun to create a new girl with some kind of special power, that way she would be able to fight the dragon alongside her hero, who would now be more of a battle partner than a liberator. Break the mold, let  creativity and imagination generate new spaces.

Drawings of princesses: great women in real history

They were seen as  fragile and weak,  and still are, but now to a lesser extent. Times have changed, society is advancing at a frenetic and overwhelming pace, with this also the archetypes of things change, and therefore  new trends and ideas begin.

The typical weak princess, who has to be saved by the great prince and hero, still appears in some films, has been heavily modified and the new theme has gained a lot of strength lately.

Women are worth and are worth a lot. They have demonstrated this over the years, overcoming the barriers of sexism and reaching great goals at levels of equality. The concept expands, and does so at a frenetic pace, so much so that it has already begun to manifest itself  in art.

Reality surpasses fiction, and throughout history there have been kingdoms of brave, strong and noble women, but also of dark women, capable of many dangerous and reprehensible acts.

There are  royal princesses, of great intelligence and grace  . Sometimes they end up becoming  queens,  and that’s when their names begin to be heavily engraved in the stories of history.

There are many who have left a great mark in their passage around the world, and even the most disinterested cannot help but feel the familiarity in hearing the name of one of them, for example  Cleopatra, Marie Antoinette, Catherine “the Great. “, Alessandra Romanov. Do they sound familiar to you? Of course you do, at least one of them must have been heard in your mind as a memory that you don’t know where it came from.

What about these women and why are they so familiar? It was their actions, their ways of governing, their personal characteristics or simply the elegance and beauty they overflowed that permanently engraved their names in history, although not always in a positive way.

It is not about Cinderella, nor about Bella, much less about Ariel, but about a real one:  Cleopatra  . She was queen of Egypt, being the ruler of the last Ptolemaic dynasty. She was also a  linguist, nautical chief, writer of medical conferences and diplomat.

María Antonia Josefa Juana de Habsburgo-Lorena:  her name alone is already a challenge. She married, still very young, with whom in the future she would be Louis XVI of France, in an attempt to smooth out the roughness between two historical rivals, the Austrian and the French. They hated her at court, and so did the people.

She has been accused of influencing her husband for the benefit of the Austrians, and other things, which is why she is indicated in derogatory French spellings. He had a  frivolous and superficial demeanor,  although some historians indicate that this is not entirely true.

Catherine the Great  lived the first half of her life as a princess in Germany and the other half as a Russian duchess. She was an  intelligent woman  who inherited a fruitful coastal trade from Peter the Great  which she  led to the West.

His skills didn’t let things go that far, he expanded trade to the  Black Sea.  His predecessor, Pedro, brought military order, technology and government institutions. But it imported new legal, political and moral ideas. It has also opened the doors to  medicine  ,  art,  culture   and  education.

Alexandra Románov  , wife of Tsar Nicholas II, was the  last Tsarina  of Russia thanks to the events of the October Revolution. He was striking for his affinity for the  nation’s autocratic management  , and for having a particular disease called  haemophilia,  a genetic failure that does not allow blood to clot properly.

He also maintained a close friendship with  Grigori Rasputin,  healer, occultist, mystic, politician and farmer, after treating a hemorrhage of his son Alekséi Románov, also suffering from haemophilia.

Olympias,  wife of  King Philip II  of Macedon, was the mother of  Alexander the Great. He had many enemies all his life, but it was  Cassander,  the worst of all his enemies, who took the trouble to describe him, insistently, as a neurotic woman, of a very superstitious and violent character.

During his rule he killed rivals, but even those who could have been possible rivals, nothing was saved. She was a passionate woman who lived every moment to the fullest. His name has been changed several times, always due to some important event that happened in his life. Políxena, Myrtale, Olimpia and Estratonice, were some of the names they used.

Boudica,  wife of Esuprastus, king of the Eceni, was a warrior queen whose name means “victory”. He led the soldiers of the peoples of  Britain,  and their  Trinovanti neighbors,  in the struggle against the Roman Empire during the 60s and 61s AD, at that time the emperor  Nero reigned.

It’s amazing how these princesses can exist in real life, so you know they are excellent women, just like Disney princesses, of which we have many drawings to download: Snow White, Cinderella, Bella, Ariel, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulán, Aurora, Rapunzel, Tiana, Mérida.

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