Procedure To Be Followed At The Time Of The Fire Emergency


It is generally believed that the life of the person is unpredictable. Therefore, it will be the best option for the person to be prepared for the emergency situation in advance. Furthermore, if the person works with the preparation, future damage will be reduced.

In case of any kind of fire have attacked a company or a house. Then the person will have to work in a proper procedure so that it becomes easy for him to handle the complete situation. Therefore, there is a complete procedure that a person must follow to cope with the dangerous situation:

Identify the fire hazard

When you notice any kind of fire has attacked your premises, the first thing that a person can do is to identify the fire hazard. In this step, the person will try to find out the reason that is responsible for the spreading of the fire to the complete place. Then, as the source of the fire is detected, it will help the person get out of the problem quickly.

Analyze the various people at risk

Getting an idea regarding the source of the fire is not sufficient. A person must try to find out the various people who have been affected due to the fire. The amount of the risk will differ based on the person’s work. So make the proper analysis. This will help make an idea as to which people must be taken out first.

Take the remedial actions

Once the person is done with framing an idea regarding the affected people, the person must take all the people out of danger. For this, there are some steps that can be taken. The people can take any of the steps as per the demand of the situation:

·         Calls for the help

There are different types of alarms, out of which some are operated manually. Therefore, when a person notices any kind of fire at a place, it will be an advisable option for him to just press the fire alarm so that the general people get an idea regarding the fire that has attacked the place. At this time, contacting the department for help will be a good option. If the person can contact the experts at the right time, it will minimize damage.

·         Evacuate the building

Evacuation from the building at the time of such emergencies is the best option. But the person should not only focus on getting out, but they should help even other people in the procedure. If any of the situations arise, one should avoid using the elevators as they are electrical, so current can be generated in such an emergency.

Using the stairs will be a good option for the people. Though this can be a time-consuming process, it will only be the safest option for the person.

·         Stay in the moment

Try not to be panic in the situation of the emergency. Instead, a person should try to be calm and focused in the situation as it is only the way to come out of dangerous situations. In this kind of situation, a person should try to work calmly and find out the path to escape from the dangerous situation.

Keep future tips in mind

Once the person is able o handle such an emergency situation efficiently. Then in the future, one must take the various remedies that will reduce the occurrence of such kinds of events at the place:

  • The use of alcohol should be avoided inside the house and the companies.
  • At the time of Diwali, the windows and the doors of the house must be closed.
  • Fire extinguishers must always be available at the place.
  • Children must be taught the remedial actions in detail
  • An evacuation place must be there in the premises that will help a person get out in case of emergency.


Hopefully, it is quite clear that the fire damage can cause severe problems to the people. They can even result in the loss of the life of the person. Therefore, a person should always try to avoid the happening of such events, and in case they occur, then they must be treated patiently.



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