How to Protect Your Business from DoS Attacks?

Protect Your Business from DoS Attacks

Today’s computer systems and information security are more advanced than ever before. Despite that millions of cyberattacks take place every year compromising the sensitive data of companies, and resulting in the loss of millions of dollars. Small companies cannot bear such losses. One way to protect one’s data and computer systems from cyberattacks is to set up a firewall. Another way is to use antivirus for both online and offline security. Using good talent acquisition strategies to hire a reliable and skilled information security team should be every business’s priority so that it could help them establish strong security systems.

It is necessary to adopt standard cybersecurity practices against various attacks that occur everyday. One of these attacks is known as the DoS attack. It is a powerful cybersecurity attack that has many forms. Often, it tries to completely shut down an organization’s devices and they become unusable. A DoS attack can shut down the company’s critical internet communications as well and gain access to a company’s sensitive data. Follow the steps below to protect your data from such attacks.

Conducting an Enterprise Risk Assessment 

The first step in ensuring but your system has a strong defense against the DoS attacks is to conduct an enterprise risk assessment. This assessment will enable you to understand the most potential targets of such an attack. The assessment will also consider the potential loss to the organization in terms of outage of service, reputation damage, costs of forensics, and service restoration, etc. The enterprise risk assessment will also enable the security team to undertake security measures in order to reduce the probability of a DoS attack.

Having a Response to a DoS Attack

Before the attack takes place, it is important to create an action plan document that details the proper response to such an attack. On the basis of the intensity of the attack, you have unique responses for all departments within your organization. If a DoS attack takes place and shuts down your parent website then you can direct the inbound traffic to an external website. In the meantime, you can take action to restore the company’s parent website. With the help of related security measures in place, you can significantly lower the damages and remain operational regardless of the attack.

Finding Out Possible Areas of Weak Security

It is important to understand all the security infrastructure in your organization that cannot respond to DoS attacks. Check your router’s web applications, firewalls, and intrusion prevention systems. Make sure that their security capabilities are up-to-date. Your information security team should monitor these devices and apps 24/7.

Maintaining Ties with ISP

A DoS attack may result in the complete blockage of an organization’s internet service. Therefore, companies need to establish warm contacts with their internet service providers. Talk to them about the necessary steps in case of an attack. If such an attack takes place, then will your ISP be able to provide you an alternate ISP to allow you to keep your operations running? Will they be able to locate the ISP of the attacker? Ask them all of these things before you agree on the SLAs.

Adopt Security Practices 

Make it imperative for all employees to follow certain practices to prevent a DoS attack. You must provide a firewall to all internet connections operating within your organization. It is also important to limit the traffic on your routers. You can do this by creating access control lists and only allowing authorized users to access them. The information security team should keep the configuration settings strict for the firewalls and routers as well. Additionally, encryption must be adopted to ensure that all the internet and external communication is secure.

Implement Lessons Learned

If an attack does take place, then it is important to know what to do. Sit down with your security team and document the reasons why the system was unable to stop the attack. Not down the lessons learned and improve your defense system. Make strategies to reduce the impact of the next attack. At times, these attacks are simply not preventable. Therefore, adopt practices to improve the sustainability of the entire organization’s security system. Continue improving the security infrastructure so that such events do not happen more frequently.

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