Read later, the new WhatsApp feature you should know

WhatsApp He has been developing a feature to enhance his app’s archived chats for about a year. This function is almost official and has been seen in the beta with some other test. Its name is ‘Read later’ and it will arrive for all users who use WhatsApp. It is expected that first get to Android and then to IOS. His goal is to improve the list of archived chats that he has been in for so many years WhatsApp. This function will be optional, so if you don’t like it, you can deactivate it and let everything continue as usual.

Reading later is one way that chats don’t bother you

So far the section of ‘Chats archived‘was used to send some conversations of users or groups that you did not want to have in the main tab of the application. The bad news is that when one of these chats receives a message exits archived chats and is placed at the top of the list.

With ‘Read later‘this will not happen, as it is a way to freeze conversations so that they do not appear in the main list, even if they get new messages. The idea is to have a section of archived chats that remain archived when they receive notifications. This way, if you don’t want to read that conversation or postpone it, you can include it in reading later.

Of course, there is bad news: according to WABetaInfo the new section will be placed in the first position from the list for users who have it enabled. We do not understand very well why, because if they are chats that you want to read later, it does not make much sense that they are in the first position. This location may put many users back from using this new feature.

It’s a great idea that many users will embrace with open arms. It serves for postpone reading some conversations or make them not bother you in your day to day. The main idea of ​​the function was to call it ‘Vacation Mode’, due to the fact of being able to send certain chats to that section and forget about them for a while. It will finally be called ‘Read later‘and will be available very soon to all users of WhatsApp for Android.


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