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Do you have boys or girls at home who love Barbie? Want to surprise them so they can spend a fun afternoon painting? Download and print the Barbie coloring pages that Primary World offers you completely free and put your creativity to the test. Download free Barbie coloring pages for kids at DDC123 Barbie da colorare e stampare



Barbie drawings ready to download, print and color

Barbie is an American doll that has been on the market for more than 50 years. She is blonde, blue-eyed with a slim body and is capable of doing whatever she sets out to do. She has many professions, from doctor, vet, nurse, babysitter, surfer … to princess. She currently has several films and her own animated series, based on the life of a teenage Barbie.

What Barbie photos can I find?

Barbie is very versatile and you can find a wide variety of her designs. Some of the most common are:

Drawings of Princess Barbie

With a long dress, usually bulging at the bottom, high heels, tiara and accessories such as gloves, mask, earrings, bracelets and chains.

  • Barbie bride:  carries veil, flower bouquet and wedding dresses in various models. Some Barbie designs even feature Ken in a suit, her handsome boyfriend.
  • Petite Barbie: She  is a version of Barbie when she was a child. She wears modern clothes and has bigger eyes.
  • Superheroine: She  wears a disguise and a mask to hide her identity. You almost always find her with her hair pulled back into a ponytail, a miniskirt, high-heeled boots, a long cape and bracelets on both arms.
  • From different professions:  we have already told you that Barbie does almost everything and you can find drawings of this cute doll who is a doctor, Barbie ballerina … You just have to know that she wants to be your little one when she grows up and look for one that still encourages her more to dream.
  • In fashion:  with jackets, miniskirts, pants, shorts, swimsuits, dresses … You can download some and make a fashion show with various Barbie designs. Here you can let your little one’s imagination fly with glitter, feathers, plasticine, different types of paper, fabrics, colors …

Barbie Mermaid coloring book

With its brilliant tail of scales, ready to sail the seas.

  • Magic: yes  ! Barbie also has magical powers. You can find her as fairy godmother, magic butterfly, witch, mermaid …
  • Athlete or sportsman:  he loves being outdoors and certainly your little one too. Cycling, surfing, playing football, skiing, skating …
  • Christmas:  as Santa’s helper or Nutcracker dancer. These are perfect for the night of December 24th or the afternoon of December 25th, after sharing this holiday with family and friends.

Barbie to print and paint: many benefits

This wonderful doll has a lot to teach the little ones of the house, both in her series and in the ready-to-color Barbie drawings:

  • Barbie is excellent with technology, she is able to program and create codes quite quickly and efficiently. You just need to study to achieve it.
  • With perseverance and commitment, everything is achieved.
  • You can be what you want to be – that’s their motto and it’s something that will serve children throughout their lives.

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