Realme CEO teases next X-series phone

Realme is expected to launch a new flagship phone, powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset. We’ve already seen a device with the name Realme Race, and it looks like it is just a placeholder, because a new addition to the X series is in the works.

The CEO of Realme in Europe in India has posted on his own Twitter a short teaser, saying “X is the future” and people should be “Xcited”.

There’s also the possibility the new Realme X to be different than the Realme Race – after all the X series is more about innovation rather than having the best specs for the highest price – just see the Realme X, the brand’s first phone with elevating camera, and the Realme X7 series marked the debut of some Mediatek platforms.

On the other hand, we have the Realme X2 Pro and the Realme X50 Pro who were fully-fledged flagships with global availability and affordable pricing. This leaves us hoping we might actually have more than one new Realme X phone – hopefully, a vanilla version with some new fancy features and a Pro variant with the Qualcomm chipset.



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