Refurbished phones: are they worth it? Do they give problems?

Are you looking for a refurbished mobile? On the Internet there are hundreds of pages that offer reconditioned mobiles of all brands and that can be very attractive. These devices are not fake or faulty, but you should keep in mind that generally are not devices new or in perfect condition. The discount for refurbished mobiles is offered for some reason, which may be higher, lower or not important for certain users. Today we tell you what are reconditioned mobiles, if they are worth it or if they have a general problem.

What are refurbished mobiles and why are they cheaper

The refurbished mobiles They are not second-hand mobiles that have passed through other users for a certain time. They are mobiles that have some kind of default and that they keep their warranty. In general, they are mobiles that have not been used by other users, but have been in exhibitors or have suffered some minimal damage in transport.

They are also phones repaired for any reason and that they can no longer be sold as brand new devices. The most normal thing is to meet Refurbished mobiles that have minor flaws on the outside. The most common are small scratches or marks of use derived from a blow in transport or a display.

It is the same mobile that you can buy new in the store Apple, Samsung o Huawei, but with these small flaws. The components remain the same and are original. The problem with these terminals is that they can no longer be sold as new. In order not to be able to do anything with them, there are certain pages that buy lots of these terminals and sell them with these defects.

If, as a user, you don’t care if your mobile has some small marks of use it can be very interesting to buy a refurbished mobile: you can save a lot of money. Of course, you must look closely at what is the fault that the device has.

The main flaws of reconditioned mobiles

Samsung galaxy s8 screen

There are many reasons why a mobile can be sold as refurbished. On the main sales pages you will find many mobile phones with damage scratches on the back or small marks of use. It is the most common and does not affect the operation of the terminal at all. They can even go unnoticed by the user if they are not looking at the rear all the time.

Another reason for sell a mobile as refurbished is that it has a problem in the box or is missing an accessory. This is one of the best cases, as the device is in perfect condition and the box is the problem. The magazine may be missing or the box may have a bump. It can no longer be sold as a new terminal, but can be sold as a refurbished one. Of course, in these cases the discount is much lower. You may save 30, 40 or 50 euros / dollars.

Generally stores don’t care about device batteries, but it can be a problem. Many of the refurbished mobiles sold are display terminals, so their screens have always been active and the load is 100% completed. If the device has been exposed in a store for a long time, its battery life may not be the best.

It is something that you should take into account, although on very few occasions refurbished mobile stores talk about this topic or offer information on battery status. The most normal thing is that they tell you what level of exterior damage it has or if it is sold without a box or without a charger.

Is it worth buying a refurbished mobile?

It is a very personal matter to decide whether a refurbished mobile is it good idea or not. Each user must consider what problem or defect the reconditioned mobile phone that he wants to buy has and decide. If the defects are minimal and external it may be a very good idea, because you will have the mobile you want much cheaper.

If the problem with the device is internal it may not be such a good idea, although these cases are not abundant in the refurbished mobile stores. This means that most reconditioned mobiles will last the same and will have the same quality as the new mobile, but with a more attractive price and possible brands of use.

Do you put a cover on your terminal? Most likely, these marks are covered by the cover and you cannot see them on a day-to-day basis. If this is the case, you may be saving several hundred euros / dollars for something that you don’t even see.

Of course, you must take into account what kind of reconditioned mobile you are buying and on which page you do it. Take a good look at the conditions of sale, the guarantees they offer and also the opinions on the Internet. It will be enough to put ‘Opinions of XXXX’ in Google to know what the users of said store have.

Usually all stores have various degrees of damage to mobiles that they sell, the cheapest being the most damaged. It is best to find a device with a good price and with a low degree of damage. The more damage, the more use the device will have and the more chances of failure.

In summary, Yes, it is worth buying refurbished devices when the discount is very attractive and the damage is external. We recommend you avoid terminals with internal or screen problems, as they are more likely to have problems in the future.

What do you think of the refurbished mobiles? Do you think they are worth it?

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