Romance Fraud – Man Loses 150k in Bitcoin Scam

A man from Somerset has lost PS150k in a romance fraud scam. He has chosen to use a pseudonym to protect his real identity. The victim, Tom, is 40 years old and lives in Weston-super-Mare. He was scammed by a woman he met on an online dating app. The woman claimed to be a wealthy investor who spoke of building a wealthy lifestyle together.

Avon and Somerset Police have released figures that show an increase in the number of romance scams in the UK. The victims of these crimes are aged from teenagers to people in their nineties. However, the most common age range is between the ages of 40 to 60. Fortunately, Tom is still receiving counselling. But he should be aware that there are a growing number of scams taking place online.

In this case, the man had invested his PS150,000 in Bitcoin currency and had lost PS150k. To protect himself from such crimes, he sought help from friends and family members, but he was also a victim of a scam. In order to protect himself from this crime, he should contact his bank and report the incident to the police. The Avon and Somerset Police have investigated the case. As of yet, there have been no arrests but the investigation into the scam is ongoing. Moreover, the police have warned of a growing number of romance scams on the internet.

A man lost PS150k in a Bitcoin scam, which he said he did not know about. He contacted his bank and his friends, who urged him to report the incident to the police. He also sought help from the local community and his occupational health at work. His job also helped him report the incident to the police. Thankfully, Tom is now getting counselling after losing PS150k in a cryptocurrency scam.

A man from Weston-super-Mare lost PS150k in a Bitcoin scam. Despite his fears, he reported the incident to the police. The Avon and Somerset Police have ruled out any wrongdoing. The incident has been reported to them by Tom’s family and friends. While the fraudster has not been arrested, they are investigating the case is ongoing.

A man in Weston-super-Mare lost PS150k in a crypto-romance scam. He did not reveal his real name, but he asked his friends and family for advice. The police were notified and investigated the case. He has been in contact with the ‘woman’ since the scam. The ‘woman’ continues to contact him. The police also urged the victim to report the incident to the police.

The police investigated the case after a friend complained to them. He took the case to the police. He told the police that he had been scammed into believing he was in a romance scam. The ‘female’ had a fake profile and the man lost PS150k. The Avon and Somerset cyber team contacted the victim, but it did not make any arrests.

The Avon and Somerset Police have been alerted to the rise in romance fraud. The police have received 1,800 reports of such scams, resulting in $133 million in losses. The FBI has warned the public to report any suspected romance fraud. Avon and Somerset authorities have a cyber team on hand to investigate such crimes. The cyber team has also offered support and counselling to the victim.

The Avon and Somerset police have received reports of romance frauds on a regular basis. In the last twelve months, the area had reported a total of PS2.4 million. The ‘romance fraud’ scam is not confined to men and women. In fact, the ratio of male to female is nearly three to one. Avon and Somerset police have also launched a campaign to warn other victims of such scams.

Avon and Somerset police have investigated the case and are investigating it. The victim has spoken to the Samaritans and Cyber Helpline and has been receiving counselling. The cyber team of the Avon and Somerset Police has reported the case to Action Fraud. The man’s identity is being kept confidential because of the sensitive nature of the situation. Avon and Somerset police have warned the public of the increasing amount of online scams.

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