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 We all love Christmas: the lights, the tree, the family reunions and the excitement our children feel when they see Santa full of presents for them. So if you want to give them a cheap gift during the holidays or just want to surprise them with a Santa Claus drawing, browse our site, select the ones you like best,  download them, print them  and give them together with a box of colored pencils to give free rein. to fantasy. Download  free Babbo Natale da colorare e stampare pages for kids at DDC123

Santa Claus is a mustachioed and bearded old man, very cheerful and tender. She loves to eat sweets, especially gingerbread cookies with a good glass of warm milk (it’s her favorite dessert). He has a list of good children, which he makes up for with many gifts and toys for being good all year round to their parents and siblings, but he also has a list of bad children, who are given charcoal at Christmas as punishment for misbehaving, do not do homework or homework all year round.

The drawings of Santa Claus easy to paint

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Santa Claus travels on Christmas Eve to distribute gifts to all the good children of the world. Use his sleigh powered by 8 reindeer: Rudolph, Lightning, Thunder, Cupid, Comet, Spirited, Dancer and Playful.

Each of them has a unique feature: Rodolfo is best known for his red nose, able to light up the dark sky and lead the way, while Lightning is a bit grumpy but the best that helps everyone.

You can take a picture of Santa Claus and draw different landscapes to teach them geography: from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, to the Great Wall of China, to Big Ben in London, to the Colosseum in Rome.

The site you choose can help you teach them how Christmas is celebrated in that place, where it is on the map and also some curious information about the place.

Print drawings of Santa Claus to paint and draw

Here are some ideas for experimenting with new ways with children to bring a Santa Claus drawing to life:

  • For the beard, use  white cotton  or small pompoms of the same color.
  • Cut a triangle out of  red felt  or any red fabric you have available to make the hat.
  • If you want to make a red nose from the cold, you can glue a  red Christmas ball  , pompom or use red glitter.
  • You can glue the  plastic eyes  to make it look a little more real.


You can also  reuse materials  you have around the house such as old magazines, newspapers, some fabrics you no longer use, and even tree leaves and some paint. Cut out small pieces of fabric and glue them onto the Santa Claus drawing with the glue stick.

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