Save Your Money On Fuel With These Fuel-Saving Tips

We spend a lot on fuelling and maintenance of our cars. These are inevitable expenses. They are like utility bills you pay every now and then in your house.

However, it is possible for you to save much money with these fuel-saving tips.

1 Buy a fuel efficient car: what you should always look out for when buying a car should be how fuel economical it is before you buy. There is a belief that most Japanese cars are far fuel efficient than most american cars. If this is true and you have consulted your auto expert and he has confirmed it, why not go for it and save half the amount you will eventually spend on the american car. But if it is otherwise, then you might like to consider the american car.


2 Check your car tyre pressure often: you might not accept this but tyres with lesser pressure make the vehicle to consume more fuel. Although, most people don’t count this to be anything but it is advisable that you check your tyre pressure before embarking on any journey.

3 Off the air-conditioner: Your car consumes more fuel when the air-conditioner is on especially when you are in the traffic. So it is advisable that you turn off your AC. when in a traffic.

4 Don’t imbibe sudden acceleration and braking: accelerating and braking suddenly will put your car in unnecessary work and increases fuel usage. It is better you accelerate slowly till you you attain your desire speed.

5 Reduce unnecessary loads: carrying heavy loads with your car slows it down. In other words, the car does more work to move the load and thereby consuming more fuel.

6 Service your car engine always: if the car is not serviced as at when due, the engine will take it out on the fuel. Servicing your car regularly puts it in good condition.

7 Always avoid traffic time: driving at the peak of traffic can consume more fuel. You can leave your home 20 to 25 minutes before traffic time so that you can get to your destination on time.

8 Buy fuel from cheap fuel seller: always compare prices and buy from the station that its pump is accurate and cheap. Don’t bank on the one in your area.

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