Save your photos in the cloud for free: how to do it and all the advantages

Still don’t have your photos in the cloud? Do you save them on your device locally? This last option is one of the least recommended for any user. Having content only on your device can cause you to lose it forever if your device is broken or stolen. A new mobile can be bought, but several years of photographs cannot. Today we tell you how to save photos to cloud for free and in the simplest way. We are going to recommend you the free service par excellence and how to configure it to forget about everything.

Google Photos has everything you need and it’s free

Google Photos unlimited for Samsung

At we have been using Google photos and we can only say good things about this service. Google offers it to all users in the world, even those who use a iPhone as a personal mobile. You only need to have a Gmail account to access and have your Google cloud space.

Google Photos has two ways to save your photos in the cloud: one free and one paid. The most interesting option to avoid having to worry about anything is the free one, although you will sacrifice a little photo quality. We have been using the free system for many years and this drop in quality is very small. Also, if you don’t have a high-end mobile, you won’t even notice this drop in quality.

If you choose the option to upload the original photos, you will have 15 GB of free space. When you have no more space you will have to increase the capacity of your Google Photos with a monthly payment. These payments range from 1.99 euros / dollars per month for 50 GB to several TB with much higher prices.

If what you are looking for is save mobile photos in the cloud safely and for free we recommend opting for the option Google Photos with High Quality. The payment is Original Quality. With the free option you will not have to worry about anything and you can store all the photos you want throughout your life.

Download Google Photos and make a full backup

In order to start using Google photos You just have to download the application on your mobile and log in with your Google account. When you are inside, the application will ask you for a small initial configuration to know how to act in each case. To have unlimited space you must select ‘High quality‘.

4 Google Photos tricks you should know

Google photos It will also ask you to configure when you want the photos to be uploaded: when you connect to a WiFi network or also with data. Yes, Google Photos does an automatic backup every day, so your photos will be uploaded to the cloud daily without you having to do anything.

Once you have configured the application it will start to do the backup photos that you have on your device. If there are many, it may take several hours, so we recommend doing it when you go to sleep.

I already have Google Photos set up, now what?

With Google Photos set up you don’t have to worry about anything. The service will be in charge of making the backup daily of the photographs you take with your device. If one day you take 30 pictures, when you get home they will be saved in the cloud safely and without you having to do anything.

Has your mobile broken? Has it been stolen from you? You don’t have to worry about photos and videos, they are safe in Google Photos. This service is accessible from any mobile in the world or any computer. You just have to enter Google photos, log in with your Gmail email and voila, you will have your complete photo gallery from any place and device in the world.

From there you can download them, manage the backup or share them. It is one of the most powerful tools of today’s smartphones and a service that we strongly recommend that you configure on your mobile. It will only take a few seconds and will hardly take up space. All photos are in the cloud, so you can erase those from your gallery when you have little space left.

How about Google photos? Are you going to use the service to save photos to cloud free?

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