See 10 Best websites to download and watch Movies for FREE.

See 10 Best websites to download and watch Movies for FREE.  Not all of us have the money to subscribe to movie and TV show platforms like Netflix,

See 10 Best websites to download and watch Movies for FREE.

Not all of us have the money to subscribe to movie and TV show platforms like Netflix, ShowMax etc. But that shouldn’t Stop you from enjoying your favourite movies once you have internet access.

You might find long lists of website to download or watch free movies when you search online but most of these these free movie files and websites could cause you into downloading links to horrible computer and phone viruses. These could infect or take control over your computer or phone.

Another problem with some of these free movie sites is violation of copyright laws. Before downloading movies, make sure those movies are legal to download.

But there are many legal websites on the internet to download free movies from without breaching copyrights.

Check out these 10 best free movie download websites below

Note: Link to each website is under their cover photos

  1. The internet Archive Movies

This is one of the best websites to download free movies and it stands the test of time. You can download movies of different categories provided by their users in different formats.

  1. Netnaija Movies

This site engage in all kind of entertainments including movies and you can actually download those movies for free. You can even download Nollywood movies on net naija.

  1. Public domain Torrents

This is a legal torrent website that offers a wide collections of movies to download for free.

The movies end up on the public domain when the original creator of patented movie fails to renew it’s copyright claim on time.

You can get horror, drama, musical to Western categories there.

  1. Sonny crackle

This is a great website to watch high quality movies and TV shows for free. It is owned by Sonny.

It also has Android and iOS apps making it easy to watch movies while traveling


  1. MoviesFoundOnline

This free movie download website offers about 40 genres and list free contents from around the internet – Free Movies & Documentaries

6.popcorn Flix

This is a free video streaming website that is owned by screen media ventures. It has a friendly user interface and provide lots of movie categories.

  1. Retrovision

This is another free movie download website featuring many classic movies and TV shows.

Although not all movies here are high quality but there are still plenty of good movies to enjoy.


If you love watching documentaries then, this is your place. It is one of the best websites offering free documentaries based on real life.

Layout is simple and straight forward.

  1. YouTube

This is the one most people know but let me tell you a secret. There are lots of free movies on YouTube but how to find them is the problem. Just type the name and it will appear. You can save to watch later on the mobile app.

  1. Vimeo

This is not as big as YouTube but they are similar. You can upload, share and view movies and documentaries. There are also lots of entertaining short videos on the platform. It is user friendly.

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