See Why These Women With These Names Make The Best Wives

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Ever heard that there are some women with certain names that make the best wives?

For some reason there are people with some names that are known for certain things. In the same way, these women are basically wifeable because of their characteristics as in they are nicer and homelier than most. If you’re name is on this list, tell your bae he needs to step up ASAP.

1. Sarah

Sarah means princess so you can imagine how her behaviour will be. She will probably have some princess like behaviour pattern that will just blow a man’s mind away.

2. Caroline

Caroline means strong and I don’t know if you have met these women but they are the most loving and most sweetest girls I have ever met. They also laugh a lot so they would make the best wives especially when things get tough.

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3. Catherine

Catherine’s usually have big hearts, they are extremely generous so you never have to worry about her hosting skills or when she has to baby sit the children.

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4. Elizabeth

She is successful in all that she does and on top of it she’s a clean freak. Her name also means “God is my oath” I mean she is probably even spiritual so what more can you say?

names with these name make the best wife
5. Vanessa

Vanessa’s incredible, these women can be wives, can be mothers and even your best friend at the same time. Vanessa means butterfly which just means they can go through change in a positive way and emerge beautiful.

Vanessa Mdee
6. Faiza

Faiza’s are feisty and entertaining though there’s a bit of controversy towards this name I can tell you she will make you happy all the days of your life. She is not boring, she is witty and when it comes to money she plans for the tough times ahead.

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This is totally arguable and debatable so you can write your points down in the comment section.


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