SEND ME YOUR NUDES – Paul Ojocheyi Sunday

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I am drawn like a taunted string towards you
The beauty of your clothes tastes like honey by bee
Which pleases the tongue even in coma
And awakens my thoughts out of coma

I am really sick of seeing you in clothes
Send me your nudes to heal my illness
Burn away those clothes with the intense fire of torment
Show me your scares not hidden beneath the garment.

No more pretence
All I need is a crystal diagram of your essence
Pull off the dishonest shepherd clothing on you
For I surely know there is a wolf in you

I will be really glad starring at your nakedness
Your naked characters, thoughts, and unknown fortresses
As bare as they are in your loneliness
Without perfection yet perfect under the garment

Our world no longer craves for the needful
We have forgone the useful for the sinful
No panic when we are asked to undress our skins
But our heart seizes when asked to undress our character and inner inns

I can stand your body nudes without an itch
A photograph of your character nudes shocks me off life’s pitch
Fix up your live and forever remain bold
Nakedness in heart brings a better world.

Written by Paul Ojcheyi Sunday



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