Should College Athletes Be Paid?

Sports in college are a big business as well as a bigger deal. A report by the Department of Education states that the college sports programs gather fourteen billion dollars in the total revenue in the year 2019, compared to the year 2013, in which it collected four dollars. The top twenty-five football coaches earn an average of 5.2 billion dollars, whereas the finest twenty-five coaches of basketball earn 3.2 million dollars. The highest-paid public employee in forty-one states is a basketball coach or a football coach. Everyone gets paid when in the field of college sports except the players. The question is that what about the scholarships? There is a debate going on about it. Some people debate that athlete students get paid by a full scholarship. But it is not completely true because the students are not getting paid even after so much hard work. Even though the student-athletes often break their backs in a year, they cannot enjoy the fruit they deserve after so much pain and sweat with nursing essay writing service uk.


It is not something fair with the students. As the debate people are having that students get scholarships for playing and free education, it is evident that as much they are bringing to their universities, they are not getting it in return. So it is very clear that the universities benefit from these school athletes, but the students are not as much as people think. Students who give time to sports cannot properly give time to their education because they are playing to do their best. It is why they miss a lot that is going on in their classroom, plus they cannot take the time to do the side hustles. The time students are giving to their sports is the timings that they can use for their hobbies and part-time jobs to help them earn more. Even for playing, the students require specific clothes and a proper diet to perform well. It is the educational system’s responsibility to provide these to the students. But the student-athletes are getting none of these facilities.

Now students must feel that they deserve to get paid, and it is their right as well. The reasons are here:


Student-athletes can get healthier if paid

Student-athletes deserve payments for working hard on their sports and managing their mental and physical health. An athlete student is playing most of the time, and it deprives them of doing other things in their daily life. It can make them suffer from depression. It can become the reason for bad health because anything access will harm. If schools pay athlete students, they will not have to find part-time jobs and work extra hard to fulfil their health requirements to play better.


Parents of student-athletes stay relieved

Students participating in sports are working hard, which means they have to work hard in every matter. They have to eat more healthy food to maintain their diet plus to keep the academic progress good they need tuitions. It is difficult for some parents to manage so much all at once. If the school pays athletic students, such parents will have less burden.


The payment motivates students

The scholarships’ players are not getting enough as it is not worth their efforts. The students who are not getting any scholarships are not getting anything in return for their time and effort. It will lead to demotivation, which will make a player step back from the game they love. Some players may have academic issues, and some may have expense issues, leading to the burden, and they will stop playing. To motivate the players, schools should pay them. The students will have the courage to move forward and play more. Their parents will feel proud of them as they will see their children earn through efforts at school.


Paying will lead more athlete students to stay longer in the term

Academics and sports are hard to manage; students should get payments for playing. With the help of that money, students can pay and complete their academics along with their passion for becoming professional athletes. Schools know it very well that education and sports are very important for the students and it is not easy for them to complete it at the same time so they should provide the facilities to students so that they can manage both.


The tuition fee will decrease if athletes get payment.

Some people think that if schools pay athletes, the tuition fee will increase, but it is not the truth. Instead, the tuition fee will decrease if athletes get payments because of the increase in competition among the colleges and schools to select the best players. The colleges will have to enhance their facilities to motivate the students to enrol. So if athletes get paid, it will be a lot easier for every student in the school and college.


The number of college graduates will become more

As students are unable to complete their education and there are a lot of expenses to cover while they play for the school or college, they have to drop out of college and join professional leagues to earn and support their families plus cover their expenses. If schools pay student-athletes, they will not need to drop out of college or school.



The advantage of paying the student-athlete should not be exaggerated as the students who play put their heart and soul into these activities. But they do not get the reward they deserve after so much patience, time, and effort. It is their right to get each amount of every day’s effort. NCAA is helping the students achieve their dreams and education both at the same time by paying the athletes, but people are not getting the right about this and making it an issue that is not right. So yes, the answer will always be yes about paying the school athletes because it is how they will grow, get motivated and move forward in every aspect in a better way.

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