Significance Of Capitalization In Title And Headings In Assignment Writing

Assignment writing is a common and essential part of every institute. If any student wants to achieve good grades in the assignment they have to submit a well-written assignment. If your assignments look presentable before the readers or professors, the work will be appreciated by them. There are various rules are involved to make the assignment look presentable. Capitalization is one of the effective and significant aspects of assignment writing. Many students ignore this while writing assignments. Effective capitalization in title and heading retains the attention of the reader in the assignment. Students should aware of the proper use of capitalization of titles. There are a few categories are involved in using capital words in titles or headings. Once you learn all these rules your assignment will make a good impression on your professor and it will also boost your score.       


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Basic Rules Of Capitalization In Title And Heading   


There are some common rules are associated with the capitalization of a title. Some most common rules are as follows: 


Capitalize the First and Last Words in the Title 

While writing an assignment you should use the first and last letter of the word in capital regardless of the article, conjunction, and preposition.  


Capitalizes the Noun and Pronoun  

The noun refers to the name of a person, place, or anything so it should be used in capita form while used in title or heading.  


Capitalize the Verb Used in Title 

It may possible when you write the title or heading in an assignment it consists of one or more than one verb. It should be written in capital letters if they are made of more than five letters.   


Do not Capitalize Conjunctions 

A conjunction is the word that connects two words or more than two words. When any conjunction comes in the title sentence, do not capitalize this in the title or heading. These words may be “and”, “nor”, etc.  


Write Article in Lowercase Form  

The article includes in the sentence that indicated the noun is specific or non-specific. When it comes to the title it should write in lowercase order. The defined article used in English is “the” while the undefined article is “a” or “an”.  


Capitalize Word with More than Five Letters 

Some of the words like a preposition, conjunction, and articles are commonly not capitalized but if it is more than five letters it can be capitalized in the title.  

While writing assignments writers follow the citation style. In MLA style writer capitalize the letter if it contains fours letter. In the case of the Chicago citation style, the capitalization depends on the word length.     


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