Simple Steps on How To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

Simple Steps on How To Improve Your Smartphone Photography


Simple Steps on How To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

This is a step by step guide on how to improve your smartphone photography and makes it even better. One of the major reasons people buy smartphones these days is because of the camera. Most smartphone’s camera especially those on flagship devices can compete with the typical digital camera.

improve your smartphone photography

But taking the best photographs with your smartphone isn’t all about tapping on the capture button and waiting for magic to happen. In this article, I’ll be showing you 10 steps on how to improve your smartphone photography. Yes, no matter how bad your camera is, with these simple steps you can take your photography prowess to another level.

10 Simple Steps To Improve Your Smartphone Photography

1. Get Close To The Object

I’m guessing there’s something or someone you want to capture, how about getting close to the person. The typical smartphone camera comes with a wide-angle lens, and to get the best shot you might want to get close to the object. You can either tap to focus or get as close as you can to the object. However, don’t get too close above the focusing limit of your camera’s lens.

2. Time Of The Day

Avoid taking photographs during the night well as much as you can. I know you must be thinking what other time? During sunrise and sunset are known for being the best time to improve your smartphone photography. The golden hours as they are popularly called add unique features to your photographs, making it more dramatic, realistic and fun.

3. Use Window Light For Indoor Photography

If you want to capture stunning portraits at the comfort of your home, then try it. Like a famous photographer once said, “there’s no better lighting in a room than the one from the window”. It doesn’t matter how many light bulbs you have, just open up your window and see how powerful the natural light can be. It’s perfect for portraits and selfies, adding a bright and natural feel to your skin.

4. Shoot The Skies

Shooting the skies will improve your photography level in ways you can never imagine. Just get outside of your house and shoot your shot, also shoot negative spaces as well. Try shooting an object but focus more on the surrounding. Like try shooting a skyscraper but focus more on the sky, this will definitely improve your smartphone photography.

5. Selfies

This is self-explanatory, just keep on taking more selfies daily, practice makes perfect. Improve your smartphone photography skills by taking as so many selfies as you can daily. Change up your background, visit places, stay in front of a building, on a bridge, in front of a lake. Switch things up and see how your photography skills will improve.

6. Capture Black and White Photographs

Some of the most liked photographs on social media are black and white photos. There’s something calm and comforting about these photos. Make sure you shoot with a mono filter applied already than taking colour photographs and converting it. Viewing in black and white helps show shapes, contrast and textures before capturing.

7. Try Shutter Speed

We all know capturing images while moving the smartphone isn’t good for photography. The smartphone camera tends to capture blurry images, but you might use this to your advantage. Try capturing a landscape or a beautiful scenery while moving your smartphone from left to right.

8. Rule Of Thirds

Have you heard about the rule of thirds? Most smartphone camera comes with the feature. Just capture a high-quality photograph and divide it into thirds to create a grid. The image will be divided both horizontally and vertically and you can share them separately.

9. Fill Up The Screen

Try filling up the screen of your phone with the object without zooming in or using touch focus. Create a strong connection with the object and forget about every other thing in the background. After taking the photographs, examine them, spot your weak point and try improving later on.

10. Use HDR

Lots of smartphone users don’t know that High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves photography. Bringing out stunning details especially about the environment, perfect for taking landscapes and scenery. It offers full brightness and high contrast as well, but make sure your phone doesn’t shake while taking photos in HDR mode.


These are the best ways to improve your smartphone photography. Try all of these steps and take your photography skills to the next level. Let me know in the comments section if you have been blessed with these simple steps.


Simple Steps on How To Improve Your Smartphone Photography
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