Simple ways to make home made battery

Simple ways to make home made battery.

Electricity is one of the most difficult thing to get in Nigeria. In order to maintain constant electrical supply in your home, you will have to face the trouble of refueling your generator everyday. The energy gotten from the sun through solar panels is not that reliable because, so many places in Nigeria, does not receive sufficient sunlight everyday.

Even, some people usually spend money changing batteries in there touch in order to have light and that is where this article is leading us to. In this article, I will be showing you how to make a very simple battery out of materials you can find around you. With these DIY battery, you don’t have to bother about spending money on shops, just to get a battery.

If you look very well at those images below, you will notice that I labeled the whole materials. You will need to get a salt, two plastic containers half filled with water, a wire, a copper, two strips of zinc and a little bulb.


Dont worry, the materials are already around you. You can get the copper from that flexible wire we use on our home, for electrical installations. Make sure that it is copper. Most of the wires they sell and call copper wires are fake nowadays. To find out if it is really copper, rub the tip of the metal on a rough and hard surface. If the rubbed area shows a silvery colour, then it is not copper. But if the colour of the rubbed part still remain without changing, then it is copper. As for the zinc, it is that one you use in roofing your home. Read my lips, I said zinc, not aluminum. Aluminum is different from zinc. I dont need to tell you where to find the remaining materials.

Now, to start, add enough and equal quantities of salt in the two plastic containers with water. Cut the copper wire into halves. Connect one half of the copper to one strip of zinc with a wire. You will end up having a zinc and a copper end connection.

Put the zinc end in one container, and the copper end in another container. This will form a kind of bridge between the containers. Now, collect the remaining strip of zinc and connect it with a wire. Do the same to the remaining copper half with another wire and put the copper in that container that have the first zinc strip in it. Also put the remaining zinc strip in that container that has the first copper half in it. Now, connect the free end of the wire you connected to the copper, to the positive end of the bulb. Then, connect the other free wire to the negative end of the bulb. That is all. The bulb will glow.

If you look very well at the images below, you will see that my own bulb is glowing brilliantly. The last image has me in it, with my complete project. Please dont forget to like and share this article. Drop your questions in the comment box, if you have any.

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