Smart DIY Hacks to Remove Scratches From Your Phone Screen

Smart DIY hacks to remove scratches from your phone screen

We all know that at some point in our lives we have made the mistake of using our smartphones without covers or putting them into our purses, bags. This only turned out as a bad decision and the display screen got affected badly.

The first thing that comes into your mind is replacing your smartphone altogether. But this decision will not help to prevent the issue that has already happened. It will only cost you more and you will have to take the decision of choosing a compatible smartphone again. A scratch is not a big deal and you should know how to deal with it instead of getting worried about buying a new smartphone. You can either get your phones repaired from your nearest repair centers or you can do it yourself without the risk of getting your phone damaged.

Use Toothpaste

toothpaste has been found out to be a great solution for removing the scratches from your smartphone screen. if you apply a small amount of toothpaste on a tissue paper piece and rub it over the scratched area of your smartphone you will see the difference. You just have to apply the toothpaste and let it stay for two to three minutes. After that you can take out a fresh tissue paper soaked in water to wipe off the toothpaste residue. Make sure that the tissue paper is not completely wet but moist. After the scratches have been removed and you see the screen shining you have to clean it with a dry tissue paper. This is to absorb any moisture that is left on your phone screen. If you notice any more scratches you can repeat the process.

Purchase a Quality Scratch Remover

Most of the people do not know about this but there are quality smartphone scratch removers out there. You can either get them online or offline. it is very easy to use a scratch remover. You just have to properly wipe down your device screen using a clean microfiber cloth if there is existing dirt and dust. Then you have to let the screen drive for a few minutes. Once the screen of your smartphone is dried you have to use a small portion of scratch remover by applying it on a microfiber or a small buffer pad and gently rub it on the scratched area. You have to keep applying this in circular motion for 5 to 7 minutes. if the scratches are severe then you can keep doing this for 10 minutes.

you will suddenly notice that change. Once you have done it you can use it to clean dry cloth to wipe the residue from the screen.

Getting a Screen Cover is The Best Solution

In order to avoid all these lengthy procedures, you just have to buy a screen protector and get your smartphone screen protected with the protector. It will not only help in not getting any scratches, but it will also keep the screen of your smartphone protected from any damage in case of any accident.

Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol swabs are also a good way to remove dirt and junk from your smartphone screens although they do not serve as a scratch remover, but you can use them to remove any residue of any junkie particle on your smartphone screen. These slabs are also used before applying a screen protector on your smartphone screen so if you have a scratch on the screen of your cell phone then you can news a swab and get your screen clean.


If however you do not like the scratches on your smartphone screen and you want to get it replaced then you should go to the nearest cell phone repair center an ask them to do so will stop scratches however is not a very big deal and you should simply apply a protector after you get it on your screen so that any further scratches can be prevented.c

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