Smartphone Warranty: Possible Drawbacks to Consider

Smartphone warranty

Smartphones however latest or old demand basic and extended warranties. These warranties are offered by your smartphone career when you go and purchase a new phone. The warranty is to cover the manufacturer defect and any device malfunctions. However, there are some drawbacks that need to be considered if you are getting a smartphone warranty.

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Certain kinds of rare defects that may not show up during the normal warranty period can come out. Then what is the solution to these issues?

Some of the cell phone repair service providers help the clients give extended warranties. Extended warranties help you to surpass the time allotted by normal warranty providers and the smartphone users have a chance to avail of your warranty for as long as they want. In this article, we will have a look at some of the drawbacks that you should consider when you are going to invest in a smartphone warranty.

Limited Coverage

This is probably the most complained about and fair point that one should need to consider. Extended warranties are on where is good because limited warranties provide limited coverage. If you are investing in our warranty, then there should be a certainty that you are getting the advantage for a long time. Issues or theft or loss are not generally covered by smartphone insurance providers, but manufacturer or hardware defects need to be covered and you should always consider a provider that provides you with all these things.

Authorized service providers

There are many fake service providers out there. you should always look out for such people. If you need a smartphone warranty you should always get your smartphone from an authorized center and buy it from the same place you are buying a smartphone. Unauthorized service providers are not good, and they can land you in trouble even if you have paid the amount.

Infrequent Issues that you can face

Manufacturer issues take place from time to time. Although famous companies like Apple and Samsung Galaxy S7 screen have put in enormous amounts of care and quality control methods do not get you or your smartphone in any troubled part you can never be sure. Manufacturer issues can appear at any point in time and you will be clueless about them and what you should do at the time of need. This is the reason why it is suggested that you should invest in an extended warranty and opt for a good package, so you pay less and avail services for a long time. This will save you from the hassle of investing in bulk and your smartphone will stay protected as well.

Accidental coverage

Keeping in view how smartphones have been getting damaged/ lost/ stolen all these years, some of the providers have started providing theft and loss coverages as well. In the case of the manufacturer warranties, they only look for hardware issues, but craft or loss have also been provided by some of the repair centers. You should try and find such repair centers that can help you out at such a time. It isn’t necessary that you get your phone back, but they can always help you in time of need.

Worth It?

It matters on your level of risk tolerance if you want to purchase an extended warranty. However, it is always suggested that you should invest in an extended warranty instead of investing in something that is only for a limited time. Your smartphone is something you use on a regular basis and you should not care less about it. If you do not have any other support, then it is suggested that you save yourself from a major expense and purchase an extended warranty that can keep your smartphone protected from all risks including accidents.


Warranties however short or extended are good for your smartphone and you should always consider getting them. However, you should get your warranty from authorized service providers and from the ones you think will be able to give you the maximum coverage and you won’t have to spend on your smartphone again and again.

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