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This hugely popular video game star loves to save the world at  blazing speed,  spinning like an unstoppable blue ball or running fast. Whether it’s in drawings, in video games or in comics, it undoubtedly has a unique style, and if the children of your house love it, here you can  choose from these coloring pages of Sonic to color  the one they like best, download and print it and then paint it. . Download free Sonic coloring pages for kids at Sonic da colorare e stampare

Sonic coloring pages

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You just have to give them a hand and imagine Sonic running down a mountain at high speed while taking the rings of power which make him go much faster and jump obstacles on the journey with his friends and defeat the enemies.

In Primary World you can find  a wide variety of drawings of Sonic and paint him the way you like,  whether with the characteristic color he boasts, that deep blue and the funny face ready to face evil with a smile, or with pink, l ‘Orange. .. whatever your imagination decides.

You’ll also find some of his famous adventure companions, such as Tails, always ready to help him in the face of evil, or his great rival, Knuckles, who possesses truly fearsome strength and speed. Let your little ones choose their favorite animated curls and create fabulous stories as they paint them.

Print as many Sonic coloring pages as you want

Remember that to paint one of these characters you can use the colors the children want, without ever underestimating their enormous creativity. Let them imagine Sonic in black with yellow stripes and call him “Sonic, the black ray of yellow sparks” or “Sonic, dark forces with yellow lightning” … is just one example, they will surely find endless alternatives of new names.

They can  fill Sonic’s drawings with life with everything they can think of,  from colored pencils, to super realistic black and white, with chalk, gouache, to make it look like a portrait, or even with neon colors that mimic the sparkles that creates while running at high speed.

Push the limits of your imagination with Sonic’s speed

Enter, download and print  the best Sonic cartoons, paint with your little ones the one that catches their attention,  whether it’s Sonic with his friends making funny faces or with that peculiar smile that looks like a hero.

You can paint it while you decide what plan you have to defeat Dr. Ivo Robotnik Eggman, the villain who is always trying to catch the elusive and fast-paced blue hedgehog Sonic.

Overflow with creativity with your little ones using materials that you wouldn’t normally use, do you want to make your afternoons fun and enjoyable? Then use recyclable materials, plasticine to fill the drawing and make it look almost 3D or you can color Sonic’s drawings with fluorescent inks: the deep blue body, the flawless white belly and chest, his red shoes … yes To these yes adds glitter, you will give them a more original touch. He colors his eyes green and that after his passage leave a trail of chalk and colored glitter that simulate the speed he is carrying.

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