Sony has revealed a bunch of details about their newest console, likely to be named PlayStation 5.

Before the release of the PlayStation 4, armchair analysts foretold the death of consoles.

Instead, it’s sold over 90 million units (and counting) since its conception in 2013, and Sony are looking to capitalise on their devoted following once again with their newest project, likely to be named the PlayStation 5.

As gamers, we’ve become accustomed to scouring internet threads for leaks regarding specs, hardware, and features where evolving consoles are concerned, but Sony have been refreshingly open with their revelations – in response to a set of questions posed by Wired this week.

As previously speculated, the next PlayStation will be backwards compatible allowing gamers to access their PS4 library on the next-gen hardware, though it won’t support PS3, PS2 or original PS titles.

Existing VR headsets will also work with the upcoming console, Sony revealed, while divulging that they’re working on a new VR kit worthy of next-gen titles.

Unfortunately, you may need to start saving for a new telly to attain the full effect of the console’s power, with Sony suggesting it will support 8K resolution display, stretching the specs of even the most advanced displays on the market.

Running off a bespoke version of the third gen AMD Ryzen chipset (a staggering eight cores with the company’s new Zen 2 microarchitecture), the PS5 will possess ray tracing capabilities – a complex lighting system normally exclusive to high-end PC GPUs.

This chipset will also deliver a ‘gold standard’ of immersive 3D audio, which will be something of a dream for headset users.

Finally, the presence of a solid-state drive (SSD) means that loading times (the bane of any gamer’s life) will be dramatically shortened, with Sony demonstrating an incredible cut from 15 to 0.8 seconds in Spider-Man’s in-game fast travel.

PS5 Dev-kit vs PS4 PRO – Loading comparison

Will this lofty level of innovation come at a decent price I hear you ask… Apparently so, according to system architect Mark Cerny. He hasn’t given an exact number, but suggested we’ll all be pleasantly surprised at launch.

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