We read a lot about sustainability with in wardrobe, but what about your makeup bag?

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype surrounding new product launches from your favourite makeup brands, but that’s not the best habit for your bank account or for the environment.

Making it a point to minimise your makeup collection is just as important as the current trend of capsule wardrobes and thrift shopping to combat overconsumption.

We promise, you don’t need everything your favourite beauty blogger is recommending.

Here are the 5 basic items that’ll help you feel confident while keeping your makeup bag small and less wasteful.

1. A moisturiser that’s right for your skin

The right moisturiser can be hard to find when you don’t really know what your skin needs. Rather than testing out a variety of products that you’ll have to toss out if they don’t agree with you, do your research before you buy.

This could be via online moisturiser reviews or through visiting a dermatologist for comprehensive tests on your skin type.

This moisturiser will then be your base for any makeup you wear throughout the day, keeping your skin hydrated and prepared to take on the elements.

2. Concealer 

Foundation seems to be a must-have for most makeup lovers, but it isn’t at all necessary. Concealer that matches your skin tone will have the same effect when covering up blemishes, dark circles, and discolouration without the added step to your routine.

3. A neutral and a bold lip colour

Playing around with colour in your routine is always fun, and an easy way to do that is with your lip products. But, like most beauty buys lipstick expires, and if you have an excessive amount chances are you’ll have to throw away more than you use.

Whether you reach for balms, stains, or liquid lipsticks, a neutral and a bold shade that work with your skin tone are all you really need in your makeup collection.

4. A highlighter stick

These days it’s all about glowy skin and chiselled cheeks. Instead of adding a contour and blush to your makeup bag, opt for an easy-to-use highlighter stick that can be applied with fingers to the top most points of your face. This will add dimension and a hint of colour with as little product as possible.

5. Long-lasting mascara

A long-lasting mascara is vital, both for how long it stays on throughout the day as well as how long it takes to dry up in the tube. While it’s recommended that you change your mascara every 3 months, some formulas don’t even last that long.

Find one that will offer all the length and volume you need as well as help to reduce how often you need to replace the tube.

It’ll probably be hard to walk down the makeup aisle of your favourite department store, but with the right products there won’t be much need to grow your collection.



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