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[Story] Meant To Be – Episode 27



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Richard ‘s family travelled to their village to re unite with their family members two days after their Thanksgiving service ….. They had a small get together where Richard and Vanessa got to meet their extended family….
They spent some days in the village before travelling to Lagos to their grandparent’s house,.it was stressful for Angela but she enjoying the tour,… She doesn’t want to tell mama about her new relationship with her best friend mama Johnson, she wanted to surprise her when she returns, ……. . She was filled with joy,…. She thanked God for bringing her new family together again,…..
It was agreed that their grandmother will relocate to Asaba,…. They wanted her to be around them,.. Richard and his daddy will be handling their family businesses in Asaba while their grandparent’s business in Lagos will be handled by Vanessa and her husband,…… It was not easy convincing her husband to return to Lagos and run the business,.. He wanted to be Independent,… He doesn’t want to appear like a golddigger before his inlaws,….. After much persuasions, he agreed to return home,…
Richard made plans for him t to move out of the house since it has been occupied by his family, but his father begged him to keep them company since Vanessa and her husband will be relocating to Lagos with the twins,…
“But dad, i need some privacy with my wife,… “Richard told his father
“I understand, but we’re used with the kids being around us,… This house is big to accommodate all of us,.. I want to watch your wife put to bed, “his grandmother begged him
“Richie, mama is right,….if you leave with your wife, the house will be boring for us,… Remember how much she adores your wife,… “his father cut in
“I’ll talk to my wife about this,… I need to discuss it with her,… ”
After they all retired to bed,… Richie decided to talk to his wife about his decision of them leaving the house,….
“My Angel “he called her pecking her on the cheek as they laid on their bed under the warmth of the blanket watching television in their room …
“I’m thinking of us getting our own apartment,…since you’ll soon put to bed,,….. “he continued
“Aaaah, i cant go anywhere without grandma,…. Baby pls, i want to stay here,.. “she smirked at him
“But we need our privacy baby ,.. I feel the house is over crowded for us,…. ”
“But i’m not complaining,…. I need grandma around me, i cant stay away from her…. ”
After much argument,…… He agreed they wont move out again
“Since you’re ok here,…. We’re staying,…. “he told her
“Thanks so much baby,… “she said kissing him
When she tried to disengage herself from him,…. He held her tight,.
“Angel i’ve missed you so much,. I’ve not touched you for months,….. I need you baby”be whispered into her ears
“I missed you too baby,…. “she said gulping his lips into her mouth,.
They kissed for some minutes before he went for her clothes,….. He gently removed her nightie before removing his,…… Angela was Hot already,…. It was then she realized how much she had missed him.
“Baby, i’ll take it slowly,…. I don’t want to hurt our baby,…. “he said trying to enter her
It was a bit tight but due to the discharge from her inner body, it made it easier for him to penetrate her from behind,….
He was moving in and out of her slowly and Angela was enjoying every bit of it.. He was gentle with her..
When they were done with their rendezvous, they laid down on the bed exhausted.
“Baby i love you so much and i missed you,Now tell me,…. Do you want a boy or a girl?,” he asked her
“Baby, both are important,.. I’ll be happy with anyone,….. “she replied
“Hmmmm,…… Are you sure?,…. ”
“This one you’re asking me,… Seems you’re choosy,… Ok tell me, which one do you prefer,…? ”
“Anyone” he said laughing
“Ok,…. which name would you love him to bear if it’s a boy,..? . “he asked her
“I’ll name him Chidera,…… “she answered
“What if it’s a girl? “,
“Munachimso,……. “she answered
“That’s quite interesting, they’re lovely names,… “he said
They chit chatted into the night before they slept off
Mrs Johnson has fully recovered from her illness, the doctors managed to save her life,…. It was a miracle how she recovered,… A man of God on hospital visitation told her that God gave her a second chance to correct all her past mistakes and to stay away from evil,… She was warned against plotting evil against an innocent soul cause that will bring her doom…. .. She was finally discharged from the hospital,… She sat down in her sitting room thinking deeply …..
“So these children played with my intelligence,…. Richard and his sister have ended up destroying me,.. I dont even know how they managed to meet their grandmother,..just look at that man, Johnson, looking happy and fulfilled and i’m here suffering…. .. I need to act fast,…. I cant just surrender so easily,… I cant allow these kids to win,…… I must bring back my lost glory either by force or by war,…. The war have just began,…… They should be ready for my strike,…… “she thought to herself
She quickly picked her car key and drove out,…….

The continuous ringing of Angela’s phone woke her up from slumber,. She was enjoying her nap,.she lazily grabbed her phone and checked her caller.. On seeing the caller id, she smiled and picked it….
“Hello Tope,.. Longest time,…. You forgot me na”
“How can i forget you,….. My phone was stolen and i lost most of my contacts,it took me long before i found where i wrote your number down in my diary,.. I’m sorry you didn’t hear from me for this long… “she lied
“Na wa oooo,…… And you couldn’t visit me to know how i’ve been faring”
“My dear, i’ve been away for a while. So tell me how’re you doing?,…..
“I’m fine, i was calling to tell you about my marriage,…i got married last month. ”
Tope could not believe what she just heard,…
“To who? “she threw back at her.
“Haba, Easy na,…. Guess who? ”
Tope’s heart was beating faster,…. She was overwhelmed with anxiety.
“Who na,……. Ok cut the suspense,…. I’ll come to your village tomorrow to visit you, just text the direction to your husband’s house to me”.
“Village? ”
“Yeah,i mean,….. A good hearted guy in your village pitied your condition and saved you from the shame of giving birth to a bastard,… I really need to meet this brave guy and show my appreciation”
Angela felt bad at her friend’s choice of words but she gladdened up remembering those were in the past, at least she’s now married to her heart throb and her child is not a bastard after all.she decided to ignore what her friend said,……. She smiled,..
“Richard is my husband,…. “she blunted at her friend
“What!,…….? Is this a prank or what?”Tope asked
“A prank?,… We’ve had our traditional marriage.. As i’m talking to you, i’m in his house, we now leave as husband and wife..”
“How come?,….. I thought you never wanted him around you,… Dont allow that boy to take advantage of your memory loss,…. And now he has succeeded in tying you in a marriage. “Tope blunted at her friend
“Why are you taking this personal?.”Angela asked her
“Anyway i’m on my way to your house, i want to confirm what you just told me”
“Ok, i’ll be waiting for you,…. ”
Angela cut the call and laid on her back,. She wondered why her friend is acting funny because she got married to Richard.. She noticed Tope was screaming over the phone like a jealous lover. She was still wondering, when her husband returned,… He has been returning home earlier than before since the doctor told them that she would put to bed any moment,…she was in her ninth month,….
He walked to her and pecked her
“Baby i’m famished,…… “he told his wife who was helping him remove his suit,..
“I prepared your favourite,……. Baby ever since Vanessa and her family moved to Lagos, this house is now lonely for me,… Daddy is not around and grandma spends most of her day in the church,.. I dont have anyone to talk to you,. “she lamented
“Dont worry, soon our baby will arrive and you wont be bored anymore,….. Motherhood can never be boring,…. To lighten your mood, we shall go shopping for more baby things,.. ”
Haven’t we bought enough,.? .. We already have more than enough for the baby.. Let’s save the money” she advised him.
“This is my first child and i won’t mind spending my last penny. So get ready… ”
He had a cold shower and went down to eat. The cooked helped Angela serve the food. They were about eating when the doorbell rang.. The cook answered the door,… Tope walked in to see Angela and Richard eating together…
“Oooooh, Tope, how’re you?”Angela asked her.
“I’m fine,.. So it’s true,… You didn’t even bother telling me about your marriage… It’s unfair oooo”
Tope greeted Richard who ignored her. He begged his wife to allow him feed her. Angela called her to join them but she declined. She watched them in anger as they continued with their lovey dovey game.
She was served juice and snacks in the sitting room. She peeped from time to time to check on what the couples are doing. When they finished eating, they joined her in the sitting room.. Richie excused himself and went upstairs.
“So Tope how’s your family?”Angela broke the silence.
“They’re fine,… My dear i’m still baffled at the way you rushed your marriage.. You didnt invite anybody… You know fully well that i’m the only trusted person you have. You should ‘ve confided in me before rushing into this marriage”she said bitterly,……
“But i love him,… I don’t know why you suddenly hate Richie this much,.. I know i had a memory loss, but i’m OK now,… I remember everything him and i shared before my accident, the baby i’m carrying belongs to him,….. Just start to accept the fact that i’m married to him”
“Memory loss?,… Whoever told you that?.. Who told you that you had a memory loss?”
“I dont want to remember those horrible days i treated Richie badly,… ”
Tope was not comfortable with what Angela told her.. She became restless.. She suddenly announced her exit.. Angela stood up and walked her to the door,……
Richard wants to put a stop to Tope and his wife’s friendship…
The next morning was bright and Angela was getting ready for their shopping,… Richie chose a short sexy gown for her to wear with a matching flat sandals,…. They were looking good in their simple outfit,… Their grandma had gone to the church as usual to pray,….
Mrs Johnson had a warm bath, she has a meeting with a buyer who was interested in one of her properties,…… She was selling off her properties to make ends meet,….. She doesn’t want people to notice her bankruptcy,….. She has sold almost all she had in order to clear the bank’s debt,….. She’s now left with almost nothing,…. She has sold all her cars except the one she’s using,… Her meeting with mother supreme supreme had brightened her up,.. At least there’s still hope,.. She was determined to be successful in her last strike,…. She has already started making arrangements based on her agreement with Mother Supreme supreme,…… She dressed up and left immediately as she was already late for the appointment,….
Nancy called Angela as they were making their entrance into the shopping mall,.. They spoke for some minutes on the phone before the call ended,…. Nancy have been busy with her wedding arrangements,…. She promised to visit her friend the next day to know how she’s faring and also give her what they got for the baby,…..
They shopped for hours before Angela started showing signs of tiredness,…. Her hubby took her to an eatery in the shopping mall,.. And they had a good meal … When they were done with eating,….. They headed back to complete their shopping,…
Angela was exhausted when they finished shopping,….. The waiters helped them pack all they bought into the car,as they were heading out of the mall,..they ran into his step mother who had just finished having a meeting with her prospect buyer….. .
“Good to see you again, Richard and Angela,… “she said sarcastically
“Good day ma” Angela greeted her
“So it’s true,.. You’re pregnant?.. Hahahhahahahahahaha,…….. “she mocked Angela
Angela was frightened at her display of madness,….
“You shall not live to see the face of this thing you’re carrying,…… “she threatened Angela
“Back to sender,.. He that is in me is bigger than he that is in you,….!!!!”Angela screamed at her
“If anything happens to my baby, i swear i wont spare you” Rickard warned her.
He dragged his wife out of the mall to the car park..
Angela has been scared after the incident at the mall, she even refused to eat,. Richie told grandma what transpired at the mall,….
“Don’t mind Benny,….. If she tries me, i’ll make sure she rots in jail”grandma said
“I’m ready for her, we’re waiting for her next action. I’m now at alert. Baby you don’t need to be scared.. I’m here for you.. “he assured her
She felt a bit relieved after listening to her husband,. She later ate her food…… She was in the room gisitng with Richard, when he told her of his intentions,….
“Baby remember i told you about us moving out. I paid four year rent for the house.. Since the house have been empty for a while.. I furnished it and i want your family to move into it,…….. ”
Angela, was in short words, she never expected this,. She was overjoyed,… She kissed him all over his face,….. She was thankful, she called her mother to break the news to her,… She told them to pack as her husband will pick them in three days time,…………..


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