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Story] Meant To Be – Episode 29



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After receiving Richie’s call, Desmond quickly changed his clothes and drove straight to the hospital,…… The road was quiet with few cars driving by,…
He entered the hospital to meet his friend pacing up and down,…. He was surprised to see grandma with them in the hospital,….. He greeted her and exchanged handshakes with Richie,.. He noticed how tensed and restless his friend was,……
“Guy calm down, it’s just normal labour pains.. Before you know it, she’ll put to bed,…. “he said trying to calm his friend’ s nerves.
Richard gave him a stern look,… He then sighed
“You’ re talking as if you’ve witnessed child delivery,…. You need to hear her scream,… She’s really in pains,… ”
“Haba,.. Do you want to help her push the baby out?.. Oya come let’s go in and help her,. I’ll also love to help her too” Desmond said trying to ease the tension
Richie laughed out unknowingly
“Ooh, thank God you laughed at last,.. Guy just chill, all she needs from us right now is prayers,.. Take a look at grandma, she’s not as tensed as you are,… She has had the experience of child birth,…. Don’t worry you’ll soon hear the cry of your baby,…….. ”
Richie pitied his grandma,…. She was supposed to be in bed sleeping,…. And here she is holding onto her bible and praying silently,…. He walked to where she was sitting,…..
“Mama, dont you think you need to rest,…. Desmond can take you home while i take care of Angela,… ”
“My son, i wont go home until my daughter puts to bed,.. And moreover, is it not too late for him to drive? “
“Aaah,. Mama no time is too late in Asaba ooooo,…anytime we hit the club, we dont return home early until around 3am in the morning,…. “Desmond cut in…….
Richie pinched him,.. Reminding him that he wasnt supposed to be talking to his grandma about their life escapades,.. His grandma looked at the two friends in surprise,….. She gave them a scornful look…
“Mama, dont mind Desmond , he was joking”.
Mama continued with her prayers while they sat down and joined her in praying.
One of the nurses came out from Angela’s room and asked for the husband,….
“Please sir, your wife wants to see you,… “she informed Richie,…. He stiffened
“Oooh, not again,….. “he muttered hitting his feet on the floor
“Why that look on your face,.. I thought you’ve always wanted to help her out,…. She needs you now, so go to her… “Desmond mocked him
“You wouldn’t want to experience what i passed through in that room, the last time i entered there, she nearly hit me to death, complaining i wasn’t smooching her well enough round her waist,….. “he complained
“That’s the joy of fatherhood,… If she doesn’t hit you, who else will she hit? “he said jokingly
Richie lazily walked into the room, Desmond followed him,…… He saw his wife screaming at the nurse,……. He sat down beside her and met to touch her,…..
“Oooooohmmm, Richard stand up na,…. Must you sit down to smooch my waist…!!!!!!! “she shouted at her husband
“Sorry dear,…. “he apologized standing up abruptly
Desmond used his palms to cover his mouth, withholding himself from laughing out loud,…. Richie eyed him,…. Angela stood up and danced round the room again, and her husband was following her,….the pain comes and goes,…. The doctor have been coming in to check on her,…. She had finished taking her drip and the pain has increased immensely,……
Desmomd had left the room almost immediately , her wrapper keeps on falling off from her chest and her husband have been the one helping her to tie them back ,……
Suddenly she screamed at her husband that she wants to urinate,….. He was about taking her into the toilet when a midwife walked into the room,…
“Where’re you taking her to?,….”she asked him
“She wants to urinate, ”
” Please i’ll take care of her,.. “two nurses entered the room and helped put Angela in a wheel chair and strolled her into the labour room,….
Richie came out sweating ,…..he sat down restlessnessly and waited for the nurse to come out in order to ask after his wife,…..
Few minutes later,….. A nurse ran out of the labour room and informed them that his wife has given birth to a bouncing baby girl,……. She gave birth at exactly 4.15am……
Richie was overwhelmed with joy,….. Grandma danced round the hospital,….. She was so excited, she called her friend and gave her the good news,… Richie took turns in calling everyone,…..Vanessa couldnt wait to see her niece,….. He went in immediately to see his wife,… He had forgotten all the beatings he received from her when She was in pains,….. He met the nurses still cleaning her up,… She was looking exhausted,.. He kissed her on the lips and thanked her for making him a father,…… The nurses dressed the baby up and carried her and the mother into their private room where Desmond and grandma were waiting for them,…. Immediately they handed the baby to grandma .. She was perplexed,… She took a closer look at the baby,…. And exclaimed,……
“Oooooh my God, my daughter in law is back,….. Look at her,… Welcome my daughter, i know you must surely return to us,…….your husband will be happy to see you…..”. She pecked the baby on the forehead and wiped away the tears that were flooding in her eyes
Richie and his friend stood still watching her,…. Angela was helped on to her bed, and she laid down resting,…… He saw how emotional his grandma was,……
“What do you mean by your daughter in law is back?”he asked in a confused tone
“My son,…. That baby there is your mother,…. I have never believed in re_incarnation, but this one is too much for me,……” she explained to him
“Now come closer,…. Look at your baby’s forehead,.. That mark on her forehead was the mark she got the day she fell down the stairs,… “As she meant to keep the baby in her cot,… She saw a mark on her abdomen,….
“Come and see another one oooooo, this was exactly where she was operated on before her death,….. ”
Richie could not believe what he was hearing,…. His grandma called her son,He promised her that he would be back home with the first morning flight from Lagos,… He was already back from his trip, but Vanessa insisted he spends more days with her family before returning to Asaba,….
Angela slept off, grandma insisted she needs to go home and prepare delicious meal for her daughter and child, and also bring hot water for them,…… Desmond decided to drop her off at home then head home to have some rest before going to pick Nancy,……. Richard also wanted to go home too and have a change of clothes,….. But he would wait for Angela ‘s mother to come before leaving,..

Mrs Johnson who have been waiting all night with her boys, saw Desmond and her mother inlaw walked to the car park and drove out… ….she smiled inwardly,… She was waiting for Richard to leave before carrying out her action,…..

Angela’s mother arrived the hospital before 6.00am,….. She brought food and hot water for her daughter …. She helped her daughter bathe and also cleaned the baby,…. Richard couldn’t stop staring at his baby,…… His wife tried breastfeeding her but her milk wasn’t coming out yet,.. She screams each time her baby tries to suck her breast,…… His mother in law persuaded him to go and have a change of clothe and also rest before returning to the hospital,….. He reluctantly left the hospital,……

A nurse walked in later, Angela was already fast asleep,…. The nurse told Angela’s mother that the baby needs to be injected,… She insisted on following the nurse but the nurse assured her that nothing will happen to her baby,……

Desmond forgot his phone at the hospital,…. He found out that his phone was missing when he tried calling his fiancee,… He quickly reversed his car and hurried down to the hospital,….
The nurse carried the baby and walked briskly out of the room,….. She still had a long verandah to walk pass before heading to the stairs as Angela was in the third floor,….. She was walking fast with the baby without looking when she bumped into Desmond,…… He apologized immediately,…. And turned to see the nurse walk away without stopping,……
“Isn’t this Richard ‘s step mother?… Hope it’s not what i’ m thinking,….. “he thought to himself
He quickly rushed to the room and met the baby’s cot empty,….. He asked Angela’s mother for the baby and she told him that the nurse took her away,…..
“What!!!!!!, what nurse!!! “he didnt allow her finish, he ran down the varendar, he called Richie and informed him of what was happening,… He dropped the call and ran after mrs Johnson…..
Angela woke up with a startle,…..
“Mama where’s my baby? i heard her crying,….”. She asked mother
She looked at her mother and noticed she was crying, the nurses had rushed into her room on receiving alarm on what was happening,… They all surrounded Angela,…. Explaining to her what happened, and also assured her that nothing bad will happen to her child,…….
“Mrs Johnson saw how tight the security in the hospital was,….. She doesn’t know what to do again,… She was scared of what might to her if she was finally caught,……. She saw an empty room downstair and hid the baby inside a big carton there,….. She stayed there for sometime to make sure it was save for her to come out before leaving the room,…. Desmond was fast enough,….. He saw her rushing down the gate and ran after her shouting,…..
Nancy couldn’t wait for her fiance to come and pick her,… She begged her mother’s driver to drop her early at the hospital before returning to take her mummy to her office,….. She was excited over the news of the baby and couldn’t wait to see the baby,……

Mrs Johnson’s boys on seeing what was happening, ignited the car and drove out leaving her behind… .. Everyone was running after her,.. She out smarted the security guards and ran past them,.. She came outside and noticed her car was no longer there….. She looked back and saw the crowd that was running after her, she quickly crossed the road,. And didnt bother checking the second road before crossing as a speeding car hit her from behind, she found herself flying up before landing on her back,…… Nancy was in shock,….. Her mother’s driver has knocked down someone,…. She and the driver came down fidgeting,……. Then she saw Desmond and lots of people rush to the accident scene,…….. The doctors and nurses on duty that morning, all Joined in the race,…… She rushed to her fiance and hugged him tight……
“baby please dont allow them to take me to the station,… “she begged her fiance
She then looked at the victim closely and realized it was mrs Johnson
“Baby, what is going on here? “she asked looking confused
Mrs Johnson was carried back into the hospital for treatment … Richard and the police men arrived immediately,….
“Where’s my baby?,….. “he asked Desmond
“Nobody knows where she hid the baby, but trust me,.. Your baby is somewhere in this hospital,… We shall surely find your baby,…. I think your wife needs you now, i’ll handle the situation,…. “Desmond assured him
He hugged his friend with tears in his eyes and went upstairs with Nancy to meet his wife,…..
The police began a thorough search for the baby.

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