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[Story] Meant To Be – Episode 31



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Angela’s mother returned with her dinner ,….. She left her daughter and grand child in the care of Nancy before going home to prepare dinner,……. Angela was bosom feeding her baby when her mother arrived,.. She was all smiles as she admired her baby while feeding her,…. She was already missing her husband so much and was anticipating to see him,……..
Her mother served her the food she brought and she ate it hurriedly , Nancy left minutes after Angela’s mother returned to the hospital promising to visit the next day,….

“Dont allow your husband to see that child,……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” A voice was echoing to mrs Johnson in her dream,……. She woke up with a startle,….. She looked round the room and remembered all that happened,…. She screamed out loud,….
“Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! “her scream attracted the two policemen on guard and a nurse,…. They all rushed into the room to meet her struggling to remove the drip,….
“Madam Please dont try it,…. “the nurse pleaded with her,….
“Who are you to tell me what to do?,…. Now call the doctor for me, i have a mission to accomplish or else i’ll be doomed,..
The nurse stared at her surprisingly, she wondered the kind of woman mrs Johnson was,….
Mrs Johnson tried to to leave her bed but couldn’t,….. She tried to move her legs but she couldn’t, she wondered what was going on,…. Her head was aching badly,…… She felt miserable and frustrated,…… She tried removing the drip once again before the door to her room opened and the doctor and nurse walked in,….. The doctor rushed at her immediately,…
“what do you think you’re doing mrs Johnson,…. Do you want to kill yourself?,….. You had a miraculous recovery and all you can think of is to kill yourself,…. “the doctor shouted at her
“I never told you i wanted to commit suicide, i only want to leave this room, i have an unfinished business,…… “she tried explaining to him
“Unfinished business of stealing babies?,….. ” A police man interrupted her entering the room
“What’s this man talking about, and who were you referring you?,…… “she stared at the policeman, then turned to the doctor.
“Doctor, please what’s this man doing in my room? ,…. “she asked the doctor
“Mrs Johnson you need to calm down,…. First of all,… You need to undergo another xray,… We want to clear our doubts,….. ”
“What doubts are you talking about?”
“I’m afraid, you might not be able to use your two legs again,….. ”
“Meaning?” she asked with tears in her eyes,…
“Meaning you might be paralysed for life,……. ”
She was stiffened for some minutes,…. All her evil doing came flashing before her,….. Her life is so miserable, she thought of who would take care of her in her present condition,…. Hot tears fell down from her eyes,…… She was shedding tears,…….
“Eeerrm,…… Mrs Johnson,…… You’re under arrest,…. We’re going to the station anytime you’re discharged,…” The policeman informed her,…..
She closed her eyes and her sins came haunting her,….

The doctor walked into the room to check on mother and baby,…. After his examination, he smiled and told Angela that her baby is doing well,….. Richie and his dad entered the room as the doctor turned to leave ,… He pecked his wife and carried his baby,…. His dad hugged Angela as Richie handed the baby to him,….. He was all smiles,………, after exchange of pleasantries with the doctor, he left to attend to other patients,… Mr Johnson held onto the baby,….. He could see the striking resemblance between his wife and grand child…
“Mother was right,….. Your mother came back to us,…….”his dad saying smiling at the baby,…. He wiped the tears in his eyes,…. His phone rang and he excused hinself to answer the call……
Richie narrated all that happened to his wife,….. She was shocked,….
“So you mean your mother is in this hospital right now? “she asked
“Yes, she was knocked down by Nancy’s driver,…. I begged Nancy not to tell you about it yet,….. I still haven’t told grandma about it,….. ”
” I cant believe this,…. What did i do to her?… She kidnapped me when i was pregnant, now she wants my baby…… Thank God nothing happened to her… Please can you check on her to know how she’s doing,…..? ”
“huh?,….. Me check on? You mean you dont want her dead after all she did to you?, ”
“Noooo, i only want her to repent,….. ”
“Madam preacher,….. Dont let dad hear you say that,the police are already waiting for her to recover before arresting her…. Pls forget my step mother for now,…… “he said admiring his wife’s after birth look,……..” You’re radiating after your delivery,… “he teased her pecking her on the chic……
“Eeermm, Richie, please she just put to bed,…allow her to recover first oooooo,….. “his mother in law said jokingly
He thought about what his wife said about checking on his step mum,… He decided to check on her,…….
His dad entered the room when he was done with his calls,….
“Daddy,…. i would like to check on gour wife to know how she’s faring before we leave, “Richie told his dad with a trembling voice
His dad gave him a ” Are you alright look,. ”
“God forbid,…. I will never see that evil woman,… My son,… You don’t know the damage this woman has caused,….. Tomorrow i’ll be having a press conference to tell the world what an evil woman she is,….. I dont want her evil doings to tarnish my image in the society,……. I need to tell the whole world that she’s no longer my wife,….. If you want to see her, you can go alone,…… “he said furiously
Richie left the room and went to his step mother’s room to see her,…. He met the doctor on his way,…..
“Thank God i met you here,…. I wanted to come and see you,…. “the doctor told him
“Good day doc, “he greeted
The doctor took him to his office where he told him about Mrs Johnson ‘s condition,…..
“How the mighty has fallen,….. This is unbelievable” he muttered to himself, he thanked the doctor and left to check on her….
He peeped into her room to see her sleeping,…..her legs were badly hurt,…… She was lying helplessly,……. He went back to his wife’s room …..
“Daddy you cant believe what the doctor told me now?,…. ”
“What is it? ”
“Your wife might not be able to walk again,…. But he suggested that another xray needed to be done on her before concluding,….. ”
“This is called Nemesis!!!!, and please dont ever refer to her as my wife “his dad said happily
“The doctor also revealed that her heart is in a delicate condition ….. He’s afraid of her life,…. She will die anytime she has another heart attack because her heart is no more functioning well,….. ”
“We should be celebrating this,..i wish she could just die off,……. .. Your mother will be happy wherever she is”his dad said ,
Angela was feeling bad for Mrs Johnson, she watched father and son discuss her poor condition with no pity at all,…
It was already late before they went home,… They promised to come earlier the next day with grandma,…..
The Johnson’s family have decided to withdraw the case against their step mother as she’s passing through a lot already,….. She was still hospitalized,……. She could neither walk nor do anything without the help of someone,…..and to worsen her situation , She has finally gone bankrupt,….. No one was there to help her except her cook……. Richard accepted to pay her hospital bills but doesn’t want anything to do with her……
Mrs Johnson have resulted to begging her husband and step children,… But they have refused to visit her in the hospital,… Vanessa couldn’t believe what she heard,….she and the twins would visit the next day, she tried asking her dad about it but he refused talking about his wife………
Everyone advised the Johnson’s family to take their step mother back to her people before she dies,…….this was a difficult step to take,……. Richard have never heard or seen any of her relatives since he was born,… She never wanted to talk about her family,….. She told him she was an orphan and an only child,…. She made him believe that she had no one except them,….. So he respected her thoughts and never bothered talking about her family,……..
Mr Johnson decided to search for his wife’s family and tell them what she was passing through,…. He remembered how they rejected him knowing how close his late wife and Benny were,…she warned him about her daughter…. She knows how desperate her daughter is…. She kicked against their marriage,and She disowned Benny the day they got married, she warned them never to step foot in her house again,……. He has never bothered to make peace with them,…….. but now, this is a matter of life and death,…. He needs to inform her family of her present predicament before she dies,……..

Richard was enjoying fatherhood,….. He comes back early from work to carry his baby, they named her after his late mother,…… They named her Adaora,… But he prefers calling her Ada,.. He so much loved and adored his child,…….
Desmond and Nancy will be wedding in two days time…….she would attend their wedding,…..

Vanessa visited as promised,…… she went to the hospital to see her step mother,but refused entering the room,….. She just peeped from the door and saw her cook helping her into a wheel chair to ease herself,…… Her legs were still badly hurt……..
Richard and his dad followed Vanesa back to Lagos in search of mrs Johnson ‘s family four days later,…. he prayed that they still lived in the same address, since the house was built by her late uncle,…………It was a difficult decision to take as he could not face her family…..


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