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[Story] Meant To Be – Episode 32



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Angela had just finished talking to her husband on the phone,…. It’s three days they left for Lagos and they have not succeeded in talking to Benny’s family,…. The security guard had refused to allow them into the house as he was warned not to open the gate for them,….
Grandma walked into the sitting room to meet Angela brooding,……
“My daughter why are you sad all of a sudden? “she asked settling down on the sofa….
“Mama,.. They still haven’t spoken to her family “she answered feeling disappointed
“You mean Benny’s family? ”
“Yes mama” She answered absentmindedly.
“I know she wont allow them into her house especially your father in law. That woman vowed never to see them get married.. She’s a virtuous woman though she gave birth to a villain,….. ”
“This is serious”
“Please give me my grand daughter let me give her my daily blessings,…. “grandma said changing the topic,……
Angela handed the baby to her and meant to check on the food she was cooking ,……. She had barely stood up when the security guard entered the sitting to inform her that her friend was around to see her,…. She instructed him to allow her in……
Tope walked into the sitting room all smiles,….. She knelt down and greeted grandma,.. She introduced herself to her,. Angela walked in almost immediately and screamed at seeing her friend.
“Tope!!!!!,……”she shouted happily hugging her friend
“You just abandoned your friend,…” she said feigning sadness
“I should be the one angry with you,you didnt bother telling me about your safe delivery,… If not that i overheard some women discussing how your mother in law tried stealing your baby and how your father in law told the public that they’re separated and awaits their divorce… ”
“So my family problem is now the talk of the town”she asked her friend
“Seems you don’t know the family you married into,… Every body in this state knows the Johnson ‘s family,… Your mother in law is a household name,… The public eyes are on your family,…”
“Please let me get you something to drink,…. Pardon my bad manner,….”she apologized to her friend
She called her maid to serve her friend drink,….. The maid returned with a drink and some homemade snacks,. She placed them on a glass stool beside Tope,….
“Tope what happened to your phone? i tried calling you but couldn’t reach you” Angela asked her
“My phone has been faulty, i’m planning on getting a new phone soon,…… “Tope stood up and carried the baby from grandma,…..
“What’s her name? ”
” Adaora, “she replied
“What about her baptismal name?”
“Treasure,….. ”
“Lovely names,…she’s indeed a treasure ….. So how is your husband and father inlaw?”
“They’re fine,… ”
“So gist me, what actually happened at the hospital”
” Errrrm…….. “she was about telling her when the front door opened and her mother walked in with her siblings,……. They all jumped at their sister,……
“Mama, you didnt tell me they were coming over, “she asked her mother excitedly.
“We wanted to surprise you,….”they chorused
“We wanted to surprise you” Eric said winking at her
“I’m so happy,…….mummy thanks for bringing them”
“As a matter of fact, we are spending the weekend here,……”Eric said smiling sheepishly
“That’s wonderful,….. Thank God i prepared something delicious,…. ”
Grandma cleared her throat to get their attention, the children on remembering they haven’t greeted grandma went to her in turns and hugged her,…. She welcomed them to her home,….. Angela’s mother went straight to the kitchen to drop all she bought on their way home,….. The maid helped her to arrange them,….
She returned to the sitting room to see Tope sipping her drink,… She eyed her and collected the baby from her,…..
“Eric come and touch your niece,….”she beckoned on her children
They all gathered round her touching the baby,… Arguing on whom she resembles….
Tope wasnt comfortable anymore,… She was ashamed of herself.. She had come to confess all her wrong doings to her friend and seek for forgiveness,…. But with her friend’s mother around she was fidgeting,……
Angela served her family drinks and snacks,…. They sat down enjoying their snacks,…..
“So Tope,…. My mother will tell you all that happened since i was asleep when it all happened… “she said pointing at her mother whose eyes was on the television screen but her mind was in Tope, wondering what she came to do……..
Grandma excused herself and went to her room to pray,…..
“Tell her what? “Angela’s mother threw at Angela angrily
“About the kidnapping ”
Her mother sighed loudly to everyone ‘s surprise,….
“As if she wouldn’t have been happy if the baby was eventually kidnapped” she smirked at Tope
“Ahhhhh, mama why are you talking harshly at Tope?”Angela asked her mother
“Because you’re a fool,….. “she threw at her daughter again
“Me?,…. Fool”? “Angela asked feeling embarrassed
“Yes,.. A big one ooo, since you have failed to know the kind of friend you have”her mother thundered
The children were invited to the dining to eat and they left,…..
Tope was lost on how to start explaining to her friend,….. Tears were already dropping from her eyes,…..she fell on her knees…….
“I never knew you have no shame,…. You still showed your face here after my warning,…. You’re a disgrace to friendship,…… “Angela’s mother threw at Tope throwing her hands in the air
“Mama, please i’m sorry, i dont know what came over me” Tope begged her
“Dont even try to blame the devil ooo, because you’re the devil himself,…… As for you Angela,… You better sit up and watch the kind of friends you keep to avoid someone taking over your husband under your nose,… “her mother said furiously
Angela was shocked at what her mother was saying,… She doesn’t understand why Tope was begging her mother,………
“You should be thankful to God for giving you a rare man like Richard, he’s one of a kind,…. I doubt if such men still exist,…… He told me how your friend here was throwing herself on him when you lost your memory,not all men will do what Richard did….. I dont even want to talk about the insult she gave to me,….she was happy you were missing, …… And when you returned with half your brain,…… She was overjoyed and saw that as a good opportunity to take over your man. Thank God Richard could control himself,…. Infact he is a God sent,……. God sent him to wipe away my tears. This girl would’ve ruined your life………. “her mother said trying so hard to control her emotions
Tope was wailing uncontrollably
“Angel please forgive me,… I’m sorry”Tope begged her
Angela closed her eyes and tears fell down her cheek,…..
“I trusted you”she managed to say
“Please forgive me, your husband loves you so much,.i was only jealous ….please”
After some minutes of silence, she wiped her tears…..
“Tope i’v forgiven you,…… But i dont think things will be the same again,.. Just try as much as you can to stay away from my family,.. … I wish you the best in life,…. ”
Tope stood up immediately and carried her handbag,
“Thanks for forgiving me,…. At least my mind is at rest,…… Thank you”she said opening the exit door….. ….
“Byeeeeeeee,And please dont ever come back again ” Angela’s mother threw at her as she closed the door behind her,………..
Angela’s siblings returned to the sitting room to continue watching television after they had finished eating,… Their mother went upstairs to have a change of cloth,……
Angela thought of all that happened, she couldn’t believe Tope of all people could do that to her,…… She heaved a sigh of relief as she bosom fed her baby who was already crying for Milk.


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