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[Story] Meant To Be – Episode 33



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Richie and his dad had lost hope of seeing Benny’s family,…. They decided to try for the last time, they had come as usual begging the security guard to inform the family that they came for something important that needs urgent attention,.. But he refused
They were still arguing with the security guard when Benny’s elder brother arrived to visit his mother,…. They rushed to him and begged him to allow them into the house,….. At first he refused but after seeing how serious and worried both father and son were looking, he reluctantly allowed them into the house,…. He parked his car and led them into the house,….
His mother on seeing Mr Johnson enter her sitting room sprang up immediately with the help of her walking stick,……. She looked from her son to her inlaw,…… She was furious,…….
“why did you allow this man into my house? ” she asked in a low and angry tone
“Mummy, i think you need to listen to them… He’s sorry for all that happened in the past,…. “her son tried explaining to her
She loved her son so much, and listens to anything he says,…..
He helped her to sit down, he beckoned on the two men to sit down,….. Mr Johnson begged the woman to forgive him for disobeying her,…. He explained to her all that her daughter did to him,… How she exchanged his brains for power, wealth and fame,…… How he was rescued and delivered from her evil clot……… The old woman listened with abrupt attention,…… He told the old woman how she tried to kidnap his granddaughter,how she was involved in an accident and her present condition,……
The old woman shook her head, tears were dropping from her eyes,… She wiped the tears with the end of her wrapper,……
“I’m not surprised that my daughter did all that, if only you had listened to me,……. I warned you about her,… I birthed her and know what she’s capable of doing,….. “the old woman said in tears,……
“So Benny cannot walk again?… She doesnt deserve anyone’s sympathy, she’s reaping what she sow,…. As for you,… You’re lucky you’re alive today,……. Nobody will blame you for your decision to severe your marriage with her,……but She’s my sister,……no matter the evil she committed, i cant let her die in that condition,… “Benny’s Brother said almost in tears,……..
“As you can see, i’m too old to travel around,… Her brother will follow you to Delta State, we shall make arrangements on how she’ll be taken care of,…… “the old woman said
Richie and his daddy thanked them for their understanding and they agreed that they would leave for Asaba in two days.

Mrs Johnson was discharged the day her brother and the Johnson ‘s returned from Lagos,….
Richie drove straight to his father’s house,…….. On seeing her brother, Benny started shedding tears, he joined his sister in crying,……
“Look at what you did to yourself,….. Your news is everywhere,…… I dont think mother will ever forgive you for this,…… “her brother told her
“I’m so sorry, please forgive me”she managed to say,…..
“You shouldn’t be begging me to forgive you, rather you should beg your late friend,…. Who You nearly destroyed her home,… ”
Richard and his daddy stood watching the siblings display their emotions ,….. They soon announced their departure,
Richie has missed his family so much and cant wait to see them,… Mr Johnson told her brother to inform them any time he was ready to return to Lagos with Benny,…..

Richie was happy to be home again,…. Angela was so happy to see him,… After bathing and eating, he cuddled his daughter to sleep and took her to the nursery before retiring to his room,…..
He told his wife how they suffered to meet his step mother’s family and how they agreed to take her back to Lagos,…… They talked long about Mrs Johnson before Angela changed the topic,…
“Tope was here some days ago ” she said changing the topic
“ooooh was she?, “he asked absentmindedly
“Why didnt you tell me she tried luring you into marrying her?”she threw at her husband
“It doesn’t matter anymore, all that matters now is that i’m married to you,… “he said calmly
“It matters alot because she was my best friend,….. How could you hide such a thing from me?,….. If my mother hadn’t told me, i would’ve been in the dark,…… I’ve been a fool,….. How am i even sure that you didnt sleep with her?”she smirked at her husband.
Richie sprang from the bed in anger on hearing that,…….
“What did you just say?,….. Do you know what i passed through when you were kidnapped?..Do you even know the pains i suffered when you returned and couldn’t remember me, i stood by my love for you,…. Now you’re accusing me of sleeping with your friend… Even if i want to flirt around, why would i do that with your best friend?.. “he screamed at his wife.
She was taken aback with her husband’s outburst,……. He then continued.
“So you think i could stoop so low to sleep with Tope?.. I think i’m done talking about this” He said leaving the rooom
Angela regretted ever talking to her husband in such manner,….. She waited for her husband to return in order to apologize to him,…….. She didnt know when she slept off while waiting for her husband, she woke up the next morning to meet her husband already dressed for work,….
She rushed out of bed to prepare his breakfast,…. He refused eating and meant to leave when he remembered the file he forgot in his room,….. He quickly ran upstairs to his room to get the file,…. Angela followed him,… She entered the room and closed the door behind her,….. She hugged her husband from the back,……. She held him so tight and refused letting him go,…….
“Baby please i’m so sorry for making such utterances last night, pls forgive me,…… I cant bear to see you angry with me,….. “she apologized in tears
Richie turned to face,…. He cant stand seeing his wife in tears,…… He wiped her tears with his hanky,……
“Now sit down,…… “he beckoned on his wife,….. She obeyed him and sat on the bed
“Now listen, our marriage is still young,.. We need to build our home with trust,….. I was heartbroken when you falsely accused me of sleeping with Tope,……. I’m sorry i over reacted,…… “he said pecking her on the fore head before giving her a passionate kiss on the lips,……..
I’m sorry for not trusting you “she apologized
“I wish i can make sweet love to you Angel,….. I’ve missed you so much,…… “he said with lust in his eyes
“It’s too early for that”she teased her husband
They went downstairs and had breakfast together,….. He left for the office after saying goodbye to his daughter…


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